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Get a Professional Power Wash in Oklahoma City

Power washing not only refreshes your exterior surfaces, it also enables them to more effectively absorb a new coat of paint. Power washing can be performed on a number of different exterior surfaces, including:

power wash wood


power wash concrete



power wash bricks



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Power Washing is Key to a Great Exterior Paint Project

Generally speaking, there are 5 steps to the typical exterior painting process. These are: 1) power washing, 2) preparing the exterior surface, 3) painting, 4) cleaning, and then finally, 5) inspection. Power washing is absolutely necessary as it helps remove mold, oil, and old paint from the surface.

power wash

1 Power Wash

Any necessary areas of your home’s exterior will be power washed to remove dirt and mildew.

power wash prep

2 Prep

Loose paint is then scraped, gaps and holes are caulked, and glossy areas are scuff sanded.


3 Paint

After power washing and repairs are complete, your exterior surface is primed and painted using premium-quality paint and materials.


4 Clean

Our Oklahoma City power wash contractors always clean up around your home when the work is done and remove all materials.


5 Inspect

Finally, an inspection is done by the job site supervisor to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied with our work.