Let CertaPro Help with Your Kitchen Project

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend looking for things in your kitchen? We try to put everything where it belongs but utensils, bowls & plastic food storage have a knack for getting lost in the back of cabinets.

You come home from work tired and beat down. All you want to do is fix yourself a healthy dinner. I mean, work may be out of control but you can still manage to fix yourself a healthy meal at home, right?

Or can you? Where are those fresh veggies you bought yesterday?

Does your frustration build as you wonder how your fridge got this messy? You find mayo that expired 6 months ago.

This is where your “healthy meal” becomes a handful of pringles & 6 Oreos.

Having to look for everything because nothing is where it’s meant to be can cause major frustration. Your changes towards eating right are thrown away because your kitchen is an unorganized mess.

So how can you get yourself motivated and your kitchen looking great again?

Nothing gets you going like a brand new, freshly painted & decorated kitchen! Let our CertaPro painters transform your kitchen with new colors & designs.

Having an organized kitchen makes your life so much easier. Not only will you be able to stick to your healthy eating goals, but you also will never be late to work because you cannot find your favorite travel mug and no one is constantly asking you, “Where is…?”

CertaPro wants to help!

CertaPro Painters can help you create the exact kitchen you need to stay organized and on the go. We provide small carpentry services like building pantries and shelves. We can also give your kitchen a beautiful new look with our painting services.

But if you aren’t quite ready for a remodel, here are a few quick changes you can make to create a more organized kitchen:

1.    Organize & divide your drawers:

Maintaining a neat, organized drawer helps you find cutlery quicker. Spoons, forks, and knives are all stored in the same place but neatly arranged with a draw divider. Draw dividers come in all sorts of colors and textures & they’re quite affordably priced.

2.    Sort & stay together

Store the same complementary items together, it will save you a lot of time. Baking supplies should be stored together and close to your baking equipment. Pots and pans go together & having a specific cupboard for them makes it easy to find everything.

3.    Let it go

Every kitchen needs a “clean out” once in a while. Even the most organized kitchen can collect items that should be thrown out. Containers without lids, cracked glasses & chipped crockery should all be discarded. Let them go, it will clear up space for new and interesting items in your kitchen.

4.    Create needed space

If space is limited in your kitchen, try hacks such as putting extra spoons in a mixing bowl or large mugs. This way you can still keep the items you need but have them neatly arranged.

5.    Mount Shelves

Struggling to let go of your granny’s beloved rolling pins? But what if your space is limited? Use an empty wall space in the kitchen and mount some extra open shelves for all your baking utensils, small pans & other auxiliary items.

6.    Tension Rods

Tension rods are the latest craze in kitchen essentials. These tension rods can also work throughout the house not solely in the kitchen. Place a tension rod inside your cupboard wall-to-wall. You can hang your spray bottles and any other cleaning supplies on them. Slide your paper towels inside the rods which will make them easy to access.

7.    Spice Racks

Spice racks are super useful and a convenient way to store all your favorite spices. There are many different designs to choose from. You can mount a pretty rack to the walls or you can mount it inside your pantry for quick access. Adding labels to each spice also helps with identifying the different spices quicker.

How many plates do you really need?

Most people have more cups and plates than they’ll ever need in this lifetime. Why have 12 plates out, when you never use more than four every day? Keep only a small number of plates and cups out for everyday use & put the rest in storage.

In conclusion, when you can locate your needed items quickly, your life runs smoother and you feel less stressed. Taking the time to organize your kitchen can be just what you need to make your mornings go like a breeze.

If you think your kitchen could use some refreshing, Certapro is here to help!

We can help you create more storage and/or repaint and refresh the whole room with a beautiful paint color.

Call your CertaPro painters at 800-462-3782 or schedule a free estimate online. Get started today!