7 ways to transform your bedroom with paint and décor

Bedrooms are used for many reasons. Especially when we are spending a lot more time at home. But even if you are working from home, your bedroom still needs to be a place of calm and refuge. Even if you do not leave home to go to work, you still need to protect the sanctity of your bedroom as a place of relaxation and rest.

Your Certapro painters can help you design a bedroom space that allows you to enjoy the time spent within the room. We can help you choose colors & designs that promote rest and rejuvenation. We have color consultation services to help you choose the best colors for the job.

Here are seven bedroom painting ideas we love.

These painting project ideas are taking creativity into bedroom areas. Some of these color palettes make magic happen by accentuating architecture or hiding flaws. But all of these ideas can make your bedroom the place for rejuvenation you need

1. Half up paint

Choose a bright color you’d be afraid to commit to bedroom paint for the full wall and play with it. Rather than relegate it to an accent wall, try painting the bottom half of the room with it. Paired with a light upper color, it can give you just enough pop from behind shades and furniture without overpowering your eyes.

2. Ceiling colors

Experts suggest choosing a palette of colors that are all from the same family that is three colors together. Be creative where you put the colors. Why not use a dusty pink as the perfect alternative to a neutral gray or beige? Put a dark maroon on the ceiling and a crisp white on the baseboards or molding. It’s an experiment in color that will create a serene, not boring, sleeping space.

3. Drama in color

If you aren’t afraid to go with a dramatically dark color in your room, it will prove worth the risk. Try using a dark grey, brown, or burgundy to make your bedroom a true master’s quarters with rich, deep tones. Use the same color on door frames, window frames, or trim to make them disappear into the wall color. It’s an expert trick to make small rooms appear bigger than they are.

4. Painting the furniture in your bedroom

Drawn to deep, dark colors but don’t own your home? Don’t fret! Pull those deep dark colors into your room by adding them to a bedroom set. It takes up a hefty amount of the room so painting it a bright or vibrant color will make the room feel less sterile. Plus, you don’t have to repaint when you move out.

5. Utilize Lines and patterns

Use tape with your color of choice to put patterns onto the wall. Frame out a box, create thick chevron stripes or go for bold squares. It’s all easy with a bit of patience and some painter’s tape. Want to look uber chic? Tape off thick stripes on the top of your walls to create a faux look of crown molding.

6. Reverse the norm

When painting a room, it’s always color on the walls, then white on the trim. Why? There’s nothing written that it has to be that way. Flip the norm and paint your room a variation of light colors and choose a complementary dark color for your trim. It will be an unexpected look in your slumber quarters.

7. Statement piece

When it comes to bedroom paint, unexpected choices will stand out. Change the room by painting the room white, or a variation, and choosing a bright color that suits your personality to paint just the door. Since it’s small, the bolder the better. Pick a happy or bright color to light up the room.

These are all ideas you may not have thought about using in your bedroom, but they can add the color and charm needed to make it exactly what you need for a good night’s sleep.

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