4 Tips for Painting Kids Rooms

Have you been wanting to update your kid’s room but aren’t sure about paint color? Here at Certapro Painters, we specialize in transforming interior rooms with our professional painting and light carpentry services. Our painting contractors have expert tips for painting the most difficult of rooms. Below are a few of our suggestions for what to consider when painting your kid’s room.

Do you have a theme?

Often when painting and decorating a child’s room, there will be a theme. From woodland creatures to fairy princesses, there is a paint color for any design or style. If your child is old enough to make decisions about their room’s theme, you can even include them in the color selection process before you go to check out different paint colors. Sometimes getting a little insight from them can help you to add a more personal touch to their space.

For older children, you could even bring home a few samples for them to look at with you. If you are still lost on what paint color to choose, we also offer each of our clients a free color consultation.

Think About What Colors Will Look Great Through the Years

As your child grows, so will their personality and taste. If you are wanting a paint color that can work for years to come, it is best to choose a color that can work with multiple styles of decor like shades of gray or blue. If you want to change up the space in a few years, you could always add an accent wall in their favorite color or a chalk paint area for doodling.

Consider the Environment You Want to Create

It is also a good idea to consider how different paint colors could make your children feel. For babies and toddlers, it is often best to select a soothing paint color palette. Light and airy colors can create the perfect atmosphere for dreaming as your child grows. A lighter color choice can also make sure your child is not too stimulated, which can make it hard to promote a healthy sleep pattern.

Combining a paint scheme with Decals

While it may seem like an interesting idea to paint a mural in your kid’s room, today you can achieve the same effect with large decals. Everything from superheroes to woodland scenes is an option. A quick look online will show you that the choices are endless. The benefit is that they can be removed at a later date as your child outgrows their subject matter. As long as they aren’t on a wall that is subject to a great deal of direct sunlight (and therefore paint fade) they allow for a really interesting look that you aren’t tied to until the next repaint. The paint color you choose basically serves as a background for the decals so if you like this idea you should first purchase the correct size decals and then use the colors in them as a reference when you go to find the perfect wall color.

These are just a few of our tips for renovating your kid’s room with a fresh coat of paint. Fill out our online form to receive a free estimate on your next bedroom painting project. We look forward to hearing from you!