The Exterior Paint Colors for a Fresh Look

Painting the exterior of your house is a big and expensive undertaking. Many homeowners shy away from the chance to show personality with their color choices. Instead, with this sort of investment, they opt for cautious color palettes. Our color consultants have put together winning colors for you to choose from. Here are the exterior paint colors for a fresh look.

Most of these choices include a neutral color with coordinated pops of white and vivid colors. They would be a good option for almost any climate and locale. But, before you land on a color, here are a few considerations.


Rather than getting stuck on what is trendy, look at your architecture style and determine if the colors will work. A super trendy gray might look out of place on a traditional victorian home.


Take note of what colors are working in your neighborhood. These homes are nearly the same age and likely a similar style to yours. See what works, and possibly more importantly, what doesn’t. Learn from your neighbor’s mistakes. Also, consult any governing bodies like an HOA that might have limitations on colors you can choose from.


A neutral palette gives a home a timelessness and maturity that a trendy color might not. From this list, we are working with shades that are not too cool or warm for any particular home.

With these considerations, here are the exterior paint colors to opt for this spring.

White with Bold Accents

Benjamin Moore White Diamond, Benjamin Moore Caliente, Benjamin Moore Harbor Haze

These colors work as a neutral white with a stylish trim and pop of red color on the front door. It makes the door the focal point of the house from the road. The white is warm while allowing the barely there blue to trim your shutters and other architectural elements.

Buttery Yellow

PPG Barely Butter, PPG Blackhearth, PPG Sugar Soap

This palette takes a warm buttery yellow and uses it as the backdrop to some deeper choices. The yellow is a warm and welcoming color giving guests the feeling of coziness. To tone down the yellow, use Blackhearth to paint shutters and Sugar Soap for a just off white trim. The final product is a perfectly placed color palette you’ll love to come home to.

Sky Blue

Benjamin Moore Horizon

Naturally occurring colors in the landscape, or sky in this case, are always a winning option. Use the color to pair with charcoal or black shutters and white trim and you’ll have a house that stands out in the neighborhood for style.

Warm Gray and Green

Valspar Smoke Infusion, Valspar Spearmint Shale, Valspar Wispy White

A barely there gray allows you to get on the trend train while looking like a neutral. Use a pale green and warm white to update the palette with some color and style. This gray in particular has green undertones, lending itself to the green addition.

Moody Gray

Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain, Benjamin Moore Secret

If you’re ready to commit to gray wholeheartedly, here’s an option for you. Don’t be afraid to go dark, especially if your property includes airy and light landscaping with whimsical flowers. This gray, while dark, pairs well with lighter colors so you don’t get a serious looking home. The lighter gray adds depth to a monochromatic painting scheme.

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