Popcorn Removal Options

Posted on April 23, 2021

There is no faster way to date a property then with popcorn ceilings. Removing these ceilings are messy and costly. To update your home, take a look at these popcorn removal options.

Cover Popcorn Ceilings

At the time when popcorn ceilings became popular, not much was known about their contents and make up. Advancements today have informed crews that some may contain harmful chemicals. Most crews rely on covering the ceilings to avoid releasing these toxins into the air. Tests can be completed to test your popcorn before work begins to remove the ceiling, but instead, you can avoid this altogether by covering the popcorn instead.

To get a truly aesthetically pleasing ceiling look, sealing the popcorn off with drywall and tape is the best option. Our crews finish the look with putty and paint giving you a perfectly flat ceiling. For a more decorative approach, consider beadboard, metal tiles, wooden planks or painted textures.

What Can Be Used to Cover Popcorn Ceiling?

If you choose to cover your popcorn ceiling up instead of going through the removal process, you’ll be happy to know you’ll have several affordable and time-saving options to make your ceiling look brand new, without having to remove anything.

Consider These Options to Cover the Popcorn
Here are some simple ways you can cover up and update your popcorn ceiling.

Texture and Paint

Hide the popcorn with a new paint job. Spray new textures over the popcorn that is currently on your ceiling. Paint rollers offer different textures and looks. This option requires harmful chemical testing since some of the popcorn will likely be pulled down.


Rather than messing with the paint currently on the ceiling, opt for ceiling tiles. These can create attractive and clean looks for your home. Suspended metal tracks or PVC grids work well to hang the tiles. There are also options that use a special ceiling tile glue to affix them directly to the ceiling.

Wooden Planks

Wooden ceiling planks offer natural beauty on your ceiling. Tongue and groove paneling is a great option to cover the popcorn up. Bring in professionals to assist with this option. It’s a much heavier option than the ceiling tiles so it needs to be screwed directly into the ceiling with professional know-how.

Get Started

There are quite a few options to remove the popcorn look in your home and customize the look to your wants. Learn more about textured ceiling removal. To get full testing on your popcorn or request help with new looks, contact our crews for a free estimate.