Painting Myths: Deciphering the Truth

There are many myths floating around when it comes to the painting process it can be difficult to decipher the truth. We gathered a list of some of the most common myths, to help keep you informed. Keep reading to find out if you have heard any of these painting myths before.

Myth #1 – Using multiple coats of paint eliminates the need for primer

Priming is an extremely important step in the painting process and applying multiple coats of
paint will not do the job. Primer creates an even surface, so the paint goes onto the wall
flawlessly. It also ensures the paint will adhere properly and not begin to chip or peel later on
down the line.

Myth #2 – If your walls are smooth and in good condition, you don’t need to use primer

Although primer does create an even surface to paint on, it has other purposes as well. If you
don’t apply the primer, you are risking your paint not adhering as well. It will just enhance the
overall appearance of the paint job.

Myth #3 – You always need more than one coat of paint

The only time this may be necessary is if you are going from a dark shade to a lighter one. If this
is not the case and you are applying a primer first, don’t waste your time applying more than
one coat. One coat will do the job!

Myth #4 – You can use the same paint across multiple surfaces

Different types of paint are made for different types of surfaces. Interior wall paint should not
be used on the exterior. There are also different types of paint for decks. Individual surfaces
require different formulas of paint. Always be sure to double check the labeling on your paint
can and make sure you are using it on the correct surface.

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