How Often to Plan on Exterior Painting

While every home’s exterior paint is unique, there are some guidelines you can start with. You will have to assess your current situation to determine if it’s time to consider exterior painting. Here are some standard questions to ask yourself when deciding if it’s time to give the exterior of your home a little refresh!

What is the exterior of your home?

The substrate of your exterior will determine the possible length paint can last. Brick homes can go up to 20 years without being repainted. Stucco can last up to around 6 years. Wood siding is typically in need of attention by 7 years if painted, 4 if stained. These are just guidelines and dependent upon the geography, precipitation, and several other factors.

How much wear is there?

The quality of paint and work from the previous painting can cause the exterior to break down more quickly. Lesser qualities can cause early onset bubbles, cracks or peeling. Nature can also contribute to wear and tear like mold and moisture intrusion. With these sorts of damage, the longer you wait to make repairs, the more extensive and costly it will be.

Does the outside of your home feel lifeless or dull?

Even without actual damage showing up, paint will let you know when it’s beginning to fail. While it’s more subtle, the paint will fade and loose its color, making your exterior look run down. When you choose a new color, remember that darker, more vivid colors will experience this quicker, especially in warmer climates that boast sunshine year-round.

Get started.

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