Color Options for Stone and Stucco House Exteriors

When you live in a place like South Arlington/Mansfield, stucco and stone house exteriors are present on every neighborhood street––and for good reason! These exteriors are extremely durable. With the extreme heat and harsh winters of Texas, having a weatherproof home is essential. It is also important for your home to look great! Of course, not all homes are the same, and not all colors will look the best on your house. That is why our experts have compiled a list of the best exterior stone and stucco colors for the South Arlington/Mansfield area.

Earthy Greens

Earthy tones are a new color that has been popping up the last few years. South Arlington/Mansfield residents may especially enjoy this color as it transforms any property into a vintage, mysterious abode. Dark green can make you feel like you are living in your own fairytale. Earthy greens are sure to be popular for years to come.

A Classic White or Black

Next to tan, white is the most popular color for stucco exterior. White also looks great on stone! The color offers a classic, timeless look for any home. It offers an especially pleasant aesthetic if you have contrasting accents on your home, such as black shudders or a blue door frame. White can be hard to maintain, however. You will likely have to put more effort into power washing and it may need to be painted more often.

If you are looking for something with the same feel but less upkeep, you may be interested in a black stone or stucco exterior. Black is especially great for achieving a chic, modern, and luxurious look. You’ll also be sure to stand out when you choose black, since it is much less popular than tan and white.

Our Painting Tip

Remember that you should always test the paint on a larger scale before committing to the color. One-inch squares spread across your kitchen table look much different from a big swath of the color outside under natural light.

To test the color, you can purchase containers of the front runners. Then, paint a two-foot by two-foot square on a less visible part of your home. If this isn’t possible, use a poster board to paint the color on. Make sure you also test the color against trim and be sure to look at it in different lights at different times of day.

Get a Color Consultation

If you are consulting with a painting company to do the work on your house, inquire about color consultation. Most painters will either have a color consultant on staff or have one they work with regularly. These professionals have trained in color choices and can help you set your project up for success.

Painting Home Exteriors with CertaPro Painters®

If you are looking to get your stone or stucco exterior painted, contact CertaPro Painters®! We have helped thousands of homeowners create exteriors they are proud of through these types of painting projects. We also offer a free color consultation with any project. All you have to do to get started on choosing your exterior stucco colors is fill out our free, no-obligation form online or call our professionals at 817-888-8087. We look forward to working with you!