How to Warm Up Your Home for Fall

Making our homes feel warm and cozy is something we all aim for. Now that summer is ending and fall is around the corner, we tend to spend more times cuddled up on our couches. This is the best time to add those little details in our home that will make the environment welcoming and warm. We want our friends and family to entire our space and feel an instant feeling of warmth and happiness. One of the most effective ways to make your home feel warmer is to change up the paint color. Going from a stark white paint color to a warm tan can give your home an entirely different feel. If you’ve encountered a cozy atmosphere recently and are wondering how you can recreate it in your home then keep on reading.

1. Lighting. Lighting is the main component when it comes to creating a cozy atmosphere. When picking out lightbulbs chose the warm ones and soft light. You can also create cozy lighting by lighting candles or your fireplace if you have one. Avoid turning on the overhead lighting because it tends to be too dramatic and bright.
2. Blankets. You cannot have a cozy room without an array of blankets. No matter what textures or colors, you can’t go wrong, and you can never have too many.
3. Pillows. Similar to blankets, you can’t have too many pillows. They instantly create a cozy feeling that makes you want to cuddle up on to the couch or bed.
4. Dark paint shades for the walls. This can create a very relaxing and cozy atmosphere. Paired with neutral décor it will be the perfect spot to unwind.
5. Canopy. A canopy over the bed can do wonders to a bedroom. It instantly created a relaxing, vacation vibe that will make you want to stay in bed all day.
6. Layer rugs. If you have hardwood flooring, try adding multiple rugs of different textures. It will make the room look comfy and your feet will thank you.
7. Create a nook. A window seat or just a corner in a room can be the perfect spot to do this. Add lots of blankets, bean bag chairs, pillows, etc. It is guaranteed to be a spot people will want to hang out.
8. DIY touches. Adding these around the home really give it a cozy welcoming feel while also adding a sense of your own personality into the home.

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