01 May 2022

Ideas for Upgrading Your Dining Room

Dining rooms sometimes get forgotten about when people buy a new home. Everyone wants to design the inside of their new home to reflect their own styles and preferences. But sometimes, when we are overwhelmed with spaces that need decorating & designing, rooms (like the dining room) get put on the decorating back burner becauseRead the full article

28 February 2022

The Ins and Outs of Crown Molding

It’s a small extra but it makes a huge difference. Have you seen one room that looks more put-together or more stylish than another? Chances are the more stylish option has some sort of crown molding in the room. It is the extra cherry on top in the world of interior design. Crown molding isRead the full article

30 January 2022

Does Your Brick Need a New Look?

When polled about their preferred home exterior, 34% of homeowners said brick would be their first choice. Brick has always been a long standing favorite since the third pig saved the day. Brick is low maintenance, environmentally friendly and weather resistant. 

28 December 2021

Four Reasons to Start a Home Interior Painting Project this Winter

If the cold weather has you cooped up why not make use of this indoor time by starting a home interior painting project? Our professionals are ready

29 November 2021

10 Home Exterior Projects You Can Complete Yourself

There are many smaller-scale, eye-catching home exterior projects you can complete yourself and make a huge improvement to your home. 

28 October 2021

Why Winter is a Great Time to Paint Your Home or Business Interiors

The summer is over. We have yet to have really cold weather, but most people will postpone any home or business improvement projects until next Summer.

28 September 2021

Why Fall is a Perfect Time for Exterior Painting Projects

This summer has been full of fun and sun, but now the kids are heading back to school and Fall is here. Way back in the Spring, you planned on painting the exterior of your home but somehow, it never got accomplished. No worries. You don’t have to wait until next summer to tackle yourRead the full article

27 August 2021

Hiring Local Painters Associated with a National Brand

Our country has been hit with many things most Americans thought they would never witness in their lifetime.  The pandemic caused shutdowns have greatly affected all businesses, from large corporations to small local businesses. Fortunately, larger businesses have more options to rely on to help them survive unexpected economic downturns, but our local and community-based,Read the full article

27 July 2021

Tips for Hiring an Exterior Painting Company

Having your exterior of your home painted is a large and intense project. Since it’s only done every decade or so, experience is not common. Here are tips from our pros for hiring an exterior painting company. Find Pros Make sure you speak to at least 3 providers in your area. Friends and family areRead the full article

03 June 2021

Popular Colors for Painted Brick Exterior Surfaces

Just because you have a brick home doesn’t mean you are committed to its natural color. There has been a trend to paint brick or choose vibrant colors to match with the brick for the exterior of your home. Here are popular colors for painted brick exterior surfaces. Sometimes brick is less than stunning onRead the full article