Home Décor Theme Ideas

Your home’s style should be unique and individualized to you and your family. There is nothing better than walking into a family member or friends’ room and instantly getting a sense of that person through the home’s style and décor. So how do we create a unique style in your home? Here are some examples of home decor theme options to individual personalities that you can start with and then add your own creative flare to them.

Cozy and Relaxing – Create your color palette around reds, yellows and oranges. Warm hues will instantly make this room feel welcoming and room.

Classic – Stripes are a classic choice. You can put a twist on this look by using a bright color or wider stripe.

Whimsical and Fun – If you love patterns and bold shapes, colors and textures you probably have a whimsical home décor style.

Happy – Using shades of yellow and florals will make your home so pleasant to be in! It will definitely convey that you are a cheerful person who looks on the brighter side of life.

Nature Lover – Bring a sense of nature and beauty into your home by incorporating florals. You can do so through floral wallpaper which will be becoming an increasing popular trend in the upcoming years. You can also incorporate floral by adding it into your bedding.

Southwestern – If you like geometric prints, touches of landscape art and a natural color palette than you probably like southwestern style homes.

Stylish – A black and White color scheme creates a beautiful contrast in any room and is timeless.

Island Lover – If you love tropical vacations and especially love the vibe of the décor, why not bring your vacation to your home? Get a canopy bed with wicker and bamboo accents.

Minimalist – The color palette will be neutral, and the furnishings will consist of strictly the essentials.

Whatever your style is, have fun decorating! If you are making any renovations to your home and find you need help, call in the pro’s! Schedule a free estimate with us, we’d be happy to be a part of your spring home renovations.