09 May 2020

What to do When the Paint Color is Wrong

There is surely a bit of stress that comes with choosing a new house color. You choose, you’ve painted and it just doesn’t feel right. Even the best laid plans for painting can go awry with an undertone that’s off. Here’s what to do when the paint color is wrong. You picked the perfect swatchRead the full article

29 April 2020

5 Signs You Should Paint Your Industrial Warehouse

Industrial and warehouse facilities are prone to abuse from daily wear and tear that goes along with warehouse spaces. Coatings applied by an industrial painting contractor will last longer than conventional paints. Just like regular buildings, warehouses need regular maintenance. Here are 5 signs you should paint your industrial warehouse. Your industrial facility usage andRead the full article

12 April 2020

Tips for a Beautiful Bedroom

Bedrooms are a very important space in our homes. They are the space we go to when we want to get away and spend time by ourselves. The bedroom is the last space we are in at the end of the day and the first space in the morning. It is important to create anRead the full article

17 February 2020

10 Common Exterior House Painting Problems and How to Fix Them

Taking on the challenge of painting the exterior of your home is a big task. You want to do the job right and not encounter any issues. Chances are, there will be problems. Exterior House Painting Problems. Well, we got you covered. Here are 10 common exterior house painting problems and how to fix them.Read the full article

27 January 2020

Painting Projects to Boost Curb Appeal

Is it time to put your house on the market? When selling a house, first impressions are everything. With a little paint and some small upgrades to details like light fixtures, you can dramatically improve the first impression your home gives to potential buyers. Many of these projects can be done yourself, others you mayRead the full article

12 December 2019

5 Reasons Why Stucco Painting is a Good Idea

Stucco is a long lasting coating used often on homes in our area. It provides an attractive look and effectively protects your house against the elements. Stucco is mostly low maintenance, but can fade over time, but fret not! It’s paintable with a good result. Here are 5 reasons why painting stucco is a goodRead the full article

14 November 2019

Deck & Fence Painting / Staining in Santa Monica

Painting & Staining for Decks & Fences in Santa Monica, CA Santa Monica has a wide range of styles and types of decks and fences, varying in materials used, architectural style, finish, and general purpose. One thing remains true for wood decks, they need periodic maintenance with painting or staining applications. How Often Do DecksRead the full article

25 October 2019

How Often Should You Repaint the Exterior of your Home?

Every home is unique so you will need to assess your house to make an accurate decision. However, there are some standard questions to ask yourself when deciding if it’s time to give the exterior of your home a little refresh! In Santa Monica, we have a lot of stucco homes, siding and shingle exteriorsRead the full article

13 September 2019

How to Paint High Ceilings and Walls

Painting a room or ceiling can seem simple, until you add another 3 or 4 feet to the height. Even the most sturdy of us will feel woozy on the top of an extra tall ladder. Here is how to paint high ceilings and walls. Pick your tool You’ll need to land on a planRead the full article

10 August 2019

Quick – Easy Exterior Paint Fixes

Exterior paint is your home’s first defense against the elements. While some issues will require professionals and a full paint job, some can be fixed. Use these quick and easy exterior paint fixes to prolong the life of the paint on your home. High Paint Performance Before you settle on paint for the exterior ofRead the full article