Exterior Painting Colors on Stucco

Stucco is an extremely popular exterior home material in Santa Monica. It is great for holding up against UV rays and extreme heat. Stucco also comes in many different colors and is a great way to improve your curb appeal. But how do you know what color will look best for your home? Our painting professionals have compiled a list of our top four stucco painting colors. We’ll also provide you with a way to get started on your exterior painting project today. Let’s get started!

Stark White

White is the new tan when it comes to stucco exterior painting. White stucco is great at making any home feel more modern and coastal. It stands out even more when paired with dark black trim. The only downside of this paint color is that it requires a special level of care. Cleaning is important with any stucco home, however, it is even more important for this type of exterior.   

Earthy Greens

Earthy tones are a new color that has been popping up the last few years. Santa Monica residents may especially enjoy this color as it transforms any property into a vintage, mysterious abode. Green stucco can make you feel like you are living in your own fairytale. Earthy greens are sure to be popular for years to come. 

Bright Pink

If you are looking for your home to pop, you may want to consider going for a bright pink. This color of stucco helps transform your home into a European getaway. If you have plenty of greenery around your home, pink stucco may especially stand out. This color also is great for adding in outstanding trim colors. 

Soft Blue

Last but not least, blue stucco has been making its appearance in the lists of top stucco colors. Light blue stucco can make any home feel more cozy and charming. If you can pair the light blue stucco with dark blue or white accents, you’ll have a beautiful, modern home on your hands. 

Find the Best Exterior Painting Colors

As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to stucco colors. The most important aspect of any exterior painting project is to choose a color that fits your home. To make this decision easier, we have designated color consultants ready to help you with any painting project. These color professionals will take your specific project into consideration and assess what colors would look best on your home. 

To get started on your exterior painting project, call our painting professionals at 310-393-3133. You can also fill out our free, no-obligation form to schedule your estimate. We look forward to working with you!