Deck & Fence Painting / Staining in Santa Monica

Painting & Staining for Decks & Fences in Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica has a wide range of styles and types of decks and fences, varying in materials used, architectural style, finish, and general purpose. One thing remains true for wood decks, they need periodic maintenance with painting or staining applications.

How Often Do Decks Need to Be Painted or Stained?

It can vary a great deal depending on the amount of wear-and-tear (usually foot traffic, or pets). Generally if you start to see signs of peeling, bubbling, rot, or flaking, you should be thinking about a getting a staining or painting job done. Older wooden decks should get stained around once every 2-3 years. If water is soaking into the deck, and not beading up on the surface it’s time.

Professional Deck Maintenance

It may seem like an easy DIY project to paint or stain your deck, but if you have ever done this you will know that its not exactly a trivial job. Without proper cleaning, surface prep, and application technique, results can fail. Decks often also have many banisters and rails that can take a lot of time to complete. Damaged areas may need wood replacement, carpentry skills can go a long way in fixing up damaged areas.


Deck & Fence Projects We Completed in Santa Monica

Below you will find some photos from our portfolio of deck and fence projects we completed in the area.

Green painted swinging gate in Santa Monica, CA
Banisters / rails can be time consuming to get evenly painted on all sides.
We did a painting project for this home / front porch in Santa Monica, we love the blue and white color combination.
A covered entry way with stairs / banisters is common in Santa Monica. White trim is a classic and popular look for this style of home in the area.