Bathroom Paint: 3 Tips for A Great Finish

No paint job is easy, but painting a bathroom is one of the hardest paint jobs out there. The bathroom is full of appliances, needs high-durability paints, and requires painters to work in cramped quarters. With that being said, a good bathroom paint job will be able to withstand the unique wear and tear that a bathroom experiences in addition to being the perfect color for your home! 

To make the process of painting your bathroom as easy as possible, our experts compiled a list of our top three bathroom painting tips. However, going the DIY route brings up a handful of difficulties, which is why we have also included information on how to contact the best bathroom painters in the Santa Monica area. Let’s get started! 

#1 Choose Your Paint Carefully

The first and potentially most important part to creating a perfect bathroom finish is to carefully choose the right paint. And no, we’re not just talking about color! You’ll want to keep the sheen (level of gloss) at the forefront of your mind. We recommend an eggshell or semi-gloss product for bathrooms in particular. 

On top of this, you’ll want to check if the paint you want is mold or mildew resistant. There’s a lot that goes on in bathrooms, and you can usually count on a good amount of steam––especially in smaller spaces. Doing this extra step of research can give you peace of mind that these nasty growths will stay out of your home. 

#2 Prepare Before You Start

Don’t slap on your paint the first chance you get, though. There are a few steps of preparation left before you can start. First of all, start ventilating the room by opening up any windows and keeping the door wide open. If you can, throw a fan in there as well. Next, cover any surfaces you don’t want paint on. Painter’s tape can be useful to create clean lines and mark off areas you don’t want painted. Sinks, toilets, showers, and the like can be covered with tarps or whatever materials you have. 

Once you have this set up, you’ll want to give your bathroom walls a good washing. This will help the paint adhere better and will (hopefully) get rid of any mildew you currently have growing. A solution of one parts bleach and three parts water typically gets the job done for these harder jobs. Otherwise, a rag soaked in clean water will work just fine. 

#3 Give the Paint Time to Dry

After your cleaning job is complete and you have given the walls time to dry off, it is time to get to painting. This part is pretty straightforward. The errors can come after the job is done. In fact, the biggest mistake bathroom DIY painters make is taking a shower before the paint has dried all of the way. This causes the paint you just applied to soften and run, essentially ruining what you’ve just spent your time on. To mitigate this, give the paint the night and maybe even some of the morning after to settle into the new space. 

Bathroom Paint with the Professionals

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to go wrong when it comes to painting a bathroom. Instead of taking this risk, hire the professionals at CertaPro Painters! We are experienced painters that have helped thousands of clients create spaces that they are proud of. To get started, fill out our free, no-obligation form or call us directly at 310-393-3133. We look forward to working with you!