6 Reasons to Stain Wood

New paint gives your home new life all around. Beyond just sprucing up the walls and increasing curb appeal, new paint has more benefits you might be unaware of. Here are the 6 benefits of exterior painting and staining.

Prevents Damage

Painting the outside of your home can likewise help diminish your critter bill. Another layer of paint or stain will seal off smaller exposed areas you probably won’t didn’t know about. Be that as it may, trust us, the critters and bugs knew!

Shields from Weather

Extended temperatures, precipitation and all the risks of climate unleash havoc on our homes. Things like ice and salt make for a miserable winter and difficult job for your home to protect you warm and safe. Another paint coat adds only one more layer of security among you and the elements.

Spares Siding

Wear and tear can cut that life time down incredibly. Help your siding protect your home for a longer time by giving it a coat of paint. It will extend its use and keep money in your pocket.

Increase Curb Appeal

Real estate agents and Zillow will tell you one of the regular recommendations for a home sale is another layer of paint. It will cost you a bit now, but it will be recovered at the closing table. An exterior renovation with paint boost the charm. Even if a home sale isn’t on your mind right away, why not be proactive now.

Structural Integrity

At the point when paint fails, wetness can get in. Anytime moisture makes its way into your home, you could be looking at mold, mildew or worse structural damage. New stain or paint can protect weak areas giving you a solid coating for the winter.

Keep away from Splinters

When you are working with wood in the form of a deck or patio, a new paint job can seal down splinters. Some manufacturers boast on their products that they are chemically engineered to hide splinters and issues in wood.

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