5 Questions to ask a Painting Pro

Many homeowners quickly learn that painting seems like a good idea but is a big task. The job requires know-how and specialized tools. Choosing to hire a professional crew can be a good option. Make sure they understand the scope of your job and special requests before you ever sign any contracts or give a deposit. Before you choose a provider, here are 5 questions to ask a painting pro.

Questions to ask

Are your workers employees or subcontractors?

Painting crews often are made up of subcontractors. It’s typical in this industry for a crew to be hired in this manner. It saves painting companies on benefits, taxes and other costs. Some employee crews are supplemented with subcontractors for the busier seasons. This allows more homes to be painted by pros while keeping an employee on the jobsite.

What is included in prep and will my property be protected?

This answer changes dependent on the company. To begin with, a good estimate should cover exactly the services you will receive and the cost of each, including preparations, products and labor.  If it’s unclear what you are getting, ask questions about priming, sanding, repairs and clean up. There are crews that can help with additional tasks, but remember, these come with added costs.

I’m on a budget, is there anything I can do to reduce costs?

A little work on your part can help reduce costs if you are on a budget. If you are on a strict budget, try reducing the scope of work by doing some work yourself. Every job has to be cleaned, prepped, repaired and primed. If you are comfortable performing any of these tasks yourself, you can save. Time from the crew will always cost you money. Therefore, any reduction in time will be reflected in your estimate costs. Keep in mind, some painters will hesitate to offer warranties on jobs they didn’t complete from top to bottom.

Do you have insurance?

No mater what the status of the workers in the crew, your painters should be covered by proper insurance policies. A painting company should readily allow you to see their policies in both workman’s compensation and liability.

The workman’s compensation policy covers the works should there be an accident on the job. Any injuries will be taken care of under this coverage. If the company does not have this coverage and an injury occurs in your home, you could potentially be on the hook for any medical costs or lost wages.

Comprehensive Business Liability protects your property from any damages incurred while the project was being completed. This means the company carries a million dollars in coverage just in case anything happens and repairs need to be made.

How long is your warranty and what does it cover?

Quite a few painters offer warranties in addition to the paint manufacturer’s warranty. Some companies offer unrealistic warranties of 10, 20 or lifetimes. Be cautious with those because the company may be out of business before you could need their services. Well-done work will last 2-3 years and may have coverage. Mostly, the warranties are useful in the event of poor application or paint failure due to weather issues. There are exclusions on problems like wear and tear or water damage typically included.

Do you require any payment up front?

Never pay up front. Any company that asks for the entirety of the cost is a red flag. Normally, a painting company asks for a portion of the cost up front to secure crews, dates and supplies. This can be between 10-50% of the costs.

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