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Color Consulting and Painting Services

Many homeowners are intimidated with the prospect of choosing colors for their home painting project. Whether you are painting the interior or exterior of your house, CertaPro Painters® of San Mateo is here to help. We offer professional color consultation services in conjunction with your painting project. Our representative will create a cohesive color palette that works with the architecture in your home and the style you want to invoke.

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A Color Consultant can Help You Make a Final Decision

It’s easy to become stuck with fear of making the wrong decision on color for your home. You may have already chosen a color palette or two, but you’re afraid to make a commitment for fear of getting it wrong. A color consultant can look at what you’ve chosen so far and help you fine tune it, or give you the confidence to go ahead with the color palette you already chose. Sometimes all a home decorator needs is some validation and confidence in the colors they’ve chosen.

They can be an Objective Third Party

Color consultants are often put in the position of mediator when a decision can’t be reached on a color palette. Each side has their favorite colors and the meaning they attach to those colors. Your consultant won’t take sides but will find creative ways to combine your favorite colors or incorporate a few colors into the best color palette for your home. Often you just need an objective outsider to resolve a decorating impasse.

Your color consultant may suggest a neutral color palette that will include each of your color choices as an accent, or suggest a brighter or more muted version of your colors to help everything flow together in your palette. When you prepare for your consultation, be sure to think about why you have chosen the colors you have, and what those colors mean to you personally. It’ll help your color consultant to create a palette that includes the colors that you both find personally significant.