5 Tips for Commercial Painting

Commercial painting projects must be planned to the detail to avoid down time and complications. It sets the tone for clients and customers in your space, so painting must be kept up.  Updating the paint in your commercial space is a necessary albeit big investment into your company. Here are 5 tips for commercial painting projects.

In addition to a good painting project, the right services (such as pressure washing, caulking and prep work) can make your property look brand new. As you think about your upcoming commercial painting project, follow these five tips to ensure a high return on investment and pleasing finished look.

1. Consider the scope

Scope creep is real. While walking the project with the estimator, it’s easy to add on repairs and painting requests that leave you with an astronomical estimate cost. Talk about what really needs to be painted and what would be nice to be painted. Some companies offer discounts on larger projects or during slower times of the year. Consider your business cycle and select the periods when painting will cause minimum inconvenience to your activities.

2. Pick the right color

Colors can make buildings look more attractive or appealing to customers. Even updating to a fresh coat of the same color creates a new and clean look on the building. For particular usage, certain colors are more appropriate. The same goes for exteriors. Climates like ours are more tough on vibrant colors causing leaching and fading very quickly. Using a color consultant can help you avoid costly issues with your paint.

3. Stick to high standards of safety

Your staff is required to stick to safety rules, and so is ours. We can include items like anti-slip flooring, safety paint on areas with vehicles and more. This minimizes health risks on your property and allows you to focus on your work.

4. Consider additional services

At CertaPro Painters of San Mateo, we offer more than just painting the walls of your commercial property. Our crews can add on services like preparation, repairs, restoration and more. Inquire with your estimator if your project might need these services to ensure your painting turns out perfect.

5. Choose the right contractor

Picking a painting service provider should leave you comfortable with the project. Experienced crews usually provide you with paperwork on insurance and certifications in accordance with local laws. This protects your property, your investment and anyone in the jobsite.

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