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How much will it cost to paint my home’s exterior in the San Francisco area?

CertaPro’s guide to exterior painting pricing in the San Francisco region:

Many people want to understand our pricing to help them budget their project, so we’ve put together this guide to help you.

The prices published here are only averages, and some things might affect the price from these ballpark estimates, such as:

The number of surfaces we’ll be painting will affect the price. For example will we be painting your trim? Shingles? Decks? Clapboards?

The conditions of the surfaces we’ll be painting makes a difference in preparation cost. If there are lots of dings, scratches and holes, we’ll need to add more labor time to your quote to fill and sand them.

The height of your home is a factor because painting a first and second story is easier than painting a third or fourth story. High areas that require intricate ladder moves to reach will require more labor as well.

Will you be changing colors? If you’re changing the color of your exterior to something much darker or much lighter, it will require more coats of paint to cover over the old color. In general, we quote projects with 1-2 coats of paint if they are the same or a similar color to the surface paint we’ll be covering. If we’re painting your exterior a different color altogether (i.e. changing the clapboard color from brown to beige) We’ll need to apply a tinted primer coat first and then 2-3 top coats in order to get good coverage and not have the old color seep through the new color.

Some examples of our pricing using typical homes in the San Francisco area.

Limitations that accompany these prices:

Clapboard and trim prices are based on spot priming (priming only those areas that are “raw” or have been sanded/filled/prepped) and 1 top coat of paint.

Prices include a quality residential coating such as Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore products. Choosing a decent paint matters, and will almost always save you money in the long run (even when you’re painting yourself!).

Whether you land on the high or low end of the price range(s) depends on neccessary preparation and access issues on the property. Scaffolding for instance, will raise the estimate price. All ranges are in regards to full exterior repaints, and prices may vary depending on the extent of the work.

Large Single Family Home Richmond District

Estimate Range

At CertaPro Painters of San Francisco, we understand the unique charm and structural intricacies of large single-family homes in the Richmond District. Our team has undertaken numerous painting projects in this area, gaining invaluable experience and insights into the distinct architectural styles and preferences of local homeowners. When you request a painting estimate from us for your Richmond District residence, we consider factors such as the size of your home, its architectural complexities, the specific paint and finishing touches you desire, and any preparatory work required. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and transparent estimate, ensuring that you receive top-notch service without any surprises.

Authentic Victorian (4 Colors) in the Castro

Estimate Range

At CertaPro Painters of San Francisco, we understand the rich heritage and unique architecture of our beautiful city. Our specialized painting estimate for an Authentic Victorian home, with a four-color scheme, in the heart of the Castro district reflects our deep appreciation for this classic style. Victorian homes, characterized by their intricate designs and detail, demand a keen eye and skilled hand. Our quote takes into account the precision, care, and expertise required to rejuvenate these historic treasures while preserving their authentic charm. We take pride in reviving the grandeur of San Francisco’s past with a modern touch, ensuring your Victorian home stands out brilliantly in its iconic four-color splendor.

Large Single Family 1920s Style Home

Estimate Range

At CertaPro Painters of San Francisco, we understand the unique architectural and aesthetic nuances of 1920s style homes. When providing a painting estimate for this style of home, we take into account the intricate details, historical color palettes, and specific preservation techniques required to maintain its timeless charm. Our team of professionals meticulously assess each corner, from the ornate trims and moldings to the expansive walls and ceilings, ensuring every inch gets the specialized attention it deserves. As with all our projects, our goal is to seamlessly blend the past’s grandeur with today’s modern quality.

Buena Vista Victorian Painting

Queen Anne Style 1910 Home (Six Colors)

Estimate Range

At CertaPro Painters of San Francisco, we understand the distinct charm and historical value of Queen Anne Style homes dating back to 1910. When it comes to full restoration of such architectural masterpieces, precision, attention to detail, and respect for the era’s aesthetics are paramount. Our painting estimate encompasses a comprehensive breakdown of the labor, materials, and expertise required to achieve a result that pays tribute to the home’s grand past. With CertaPro Painters of San Francisco, you’re not just getting a fresh coat of paint; you’re ensuring that history is preserved and celebrated.

Mid-Century Single Family Dwelling

Estimate Range

At CertaPro Painters of San Francisco, we hold a deep appreciation for the unique aesthetics and architectural nuances of Mid-Century Single Family Dwellings. These homes, which showcase simplicity, functionality, and an integration with nature, deserve a paint job that accentuates their characteristic clean lines and iconic design. Our detailed painting estimate is meticulously crafted to account for the specific needs of your Mid-Century dwelling. With a blend of timeless techniques and modern innovations, our team is committed to revitalizing your space, preserving its history, and ensuring its charm remains vibrant for years to come.

Three Color Edwardian Style

Estimate Range

At CertaPro Painters of San Francisco, we pride ourselves on understanding the rich tapestry of architectural styles that grace our beautiful city. When it comes to the Edwardian style, with its intricate moldings and classic charm, a three-color scheme can truly bring out the period details. Our tailored painting estimate for a Three Color Edwardian Style ensures that each shade complements the other, enhancing the historic authenticity and elegance of the home. Our seasoned professionals take into account the primary facade, trim, and accent colors, ensuring that the hues not only uphold the integrity of the Edwardian style but also withstand the test of time.

Classic 1950s Style Home

Estimate Range

At CertaPro Painters of San Francisco, we hold a deep appreciation for the unique architecture and style of classic 1950s homes. When providing a painting estimate for such iconic residences, we carefully consider the historical color palettes, materials, and textures that resonate with that era. Our team is dedicated to preserving the authentic charm of your classic home, while introducing modern painting techniques and materials that ensure longevity and vibrancy. Trust in our expertise to bring out the timeless beauty of your 1950s style home.

Classic 1920s Home

Estimate Range

At CertaPro Painters of San Francisco, we understand the unique charm and historical significance of classic 1920s homes. When we provide a painting estimate for such a residence, we take into account not only the size and scope of the project but also the intricate details and architectural nuances characteristic of this period. We recognize the importance of using colors, techniques, and materials that both preserve the authenticity of your home and provide modern durability. Our team is trained to approach these projects with the respect and precision they deserve, ensuring a finish that captures the essence of the 1920s while meeting today’s standards of quality.