Deck Painting & Staining: What’s the difference?

Now that summer is basically here to stay, it’s the perfect time to freshen up your deck. With the pleasant air of warm weather season, you have probably found yourself wanting to spend more time on each of your outdoor spaces. Here at CertaPro Painters® of Salisbury, our painting contractors can provide you with expert-level painting and staining services. However, you may find yourself wondering, what’s the real difference? We are letting you know below.

Should you have your deck stained?

painted deckDeck staining is a great way to add a protective coating to your exterior surfaces. Many who choose staining over painting enjoy the fact that a stain will show the natural patterns and grooves in your wood deck. When you invest in a deck staining service, you can prevent moisture damage and wood rot. If your deck has previously been stained, the staining process consists of four specific steps. These steps include scraping, power washing, sanding and staining. The primary benefits of staining is that it is less of a monetary investment and it doesn’t require a primer. You can learn more about this process on our painting and staining service page.

Reasons to Have Your Deck Painted

Having your deck professionally painted is also a great way to spruce up your deck. When you have your deck painted, it will typically last around 10 years before needing a repainting service. Another bonus to deck painting is that your color choices are almost unlimited. A few popular deck paint colors are white, gray, light blues and greens. When you have your deck painted, the cleaning process will remain simple as well. While a paint will usually run at a higher price than most stains, you will be getting more bang for your buck due to lastability.

Consult With Your Local Painting & Staining Experts in Salisbury, NC

If your deck could use a fresh coat of paint or stain, our experienced team is here for you. We would love to help your create your dream outdoor space this summer. To get started, fill out our online form to request a free no obligation estimate today!