1890's Victorian Restoration in Midtown Sacramento

Returning a Painted Lady to Her Previous Glory!

The most challenging house painting projects are also the most rewarding, and that is why we love Victorian homes. Not only do we get to bring back the former glory of an architecturally significant building, but we get to make the owner's vision a reality!

As Sacramento's premier painting company for Victorian restoration projects, CertaPro Painters thrives at the detailed and particular tasks these projects require. From the scraping and sanding, to patching and priming, and finally applying vibrant finish coats with crisp, clean lines, CertaPro Painters is your local Victorian painting expert!
Below is a recent project we performed in Midtown. It is an 1880's Queen Anne Victorian that has a total of nine colors, and represents the most challenging form of house painting in our area, as well as an example of our fine craftsmanship. The project was lead by foreman Masoud Zahedi, a true professional who has been a crew leader since he joined our company back in 2007.
Exterior painting by CertaPro house painters in Sacramento, CA
As you can see, it had been many years since this home had last been painted. Caulk was dry, cracking, and pulling away from the wood. Paint was peeling, exposing wood that is 130 years old! The entire structure received a hard scrape to remove all the loose and peeling paint. Old degraded caulk and sealant were stripped out - the whole building received our most stringent preparation processes.
Exterior house painting by CertaPro painters in Sacramento, CA
As usual, the south and west sides saw the worst damage due to their exposure to the sun. Here, you can see the redwood siding was peeling badly.
CertaPro Painters in Sacramento, CA are your Exterior painting experts
Just look at the abuse these window sills had undergone! As you can see, this lovely home was in need of some quality preparation, top shelf materials, and professional craftsmanship. We were only too glad to take on the restoration!
Once the scraping and sanding had been performed, a full prime coat was applied. Then the caulking and sealing were completed, and those areas were reprimed, sealing the new caulk between layers of fresh primer and ensuring many years of protection from the elements.
Exterior painting by CertaPro house painters in Sacramento, CA
To safely access all portions of the building, it needed to be scaffolded. CertaPro Painters us compliant with all OSHA regulation, particularly those that apply to working from heights. Additionally, this project needed to have debris netting over the scaffolding to help contain any dust and chips that were created during the preparation processes - we strive to keep all of our job-sites clean and neat throughout our work.
The final (and most enjoyable!) part of the project was applying the finish coats, bringing the house alive with color. In addition to the full prime coat and the additional spot prime coat to prepared areas, this project received two complete finish coats of Sherwin Williams SuperPaint, a 100% acrylic latex coating that comes with a lifetime warranty from the product manufacturer.
Exterior house painting by CertaPro painters in Sacramento, CA
After all the preparation, priming, and painting were done, down came the netting and we had the big reveal! What a great entryway - strong contrast and straight lines on the molding detail, no more peeling stairs, and beautiful smooth finishes. Now this is an entryway befitting a grand dame of American architecture.
Jim and I would like to commend your company, CertaPro Painters of Sacramento, on the fabulous paint job you did on our beautiful Victorian home built in 1890, in October of this year (2012)!
Your estimate was reasonable and fair from the various bids we received. You have a professional and patient demeanor and it helped to answer the many questions we had regarding state requirements and potential lead issues.  Also, you helped us with keeping the integrity of our Victorian home's requirements per the historical preservation society's guidelines. 
We went with your company because of a good recommendation and are very happy with the work.  Our house is a jewel and people often now just stop and stare at our home.  The colors were exactly what we requested and your crew was exceptional.  Masoud, the project crew supervisor, checked with us every day and made a point to let us know about the progress of their work... He pointed out weak windows and dry rot in several spots and we contracted our own carpenter to make these repairs.  You are an honest and professional company and we are happy to recommend you to our friends and neighbors. 
The project was completed on time and on budget! 
Please feel free to use us as a reference. 
Jim and Maria Gonzalez"