Fireplace Renovation Ideas

Winter is right around the corner, and winter winds will be coming with it. One of the best ways to stay warm in Texas is to curl up by the fireplace. Before the weather gets too much worse, though, you want to make sure your fireplace is in tip-top shape. There are multiple ways to undergo this process, and it can be extremely difficult to choose the right path. Our professionals have compiled a list of our three favorite fireplace renovation ideas. With these in mind, your warm rest can be even more comfortable! Let’s get started!

Paint the Exposed Brick

Exposed brick has been a big trend among homeowners. It is sure to make an impact in your home whether it is in the kitchen, bedroom, or fireplace. Painted brick is even more on-trend. You truly can make any color look exceptional on a brick background. This is a great opportunity to add color to your home without being too loud. If you’re more of a fan of neutrals, you can never go wrong with white!

Pay Attention to the Interior

Most people think of the walls of their fireplace when looking to renovate the area. However, changing up the tile or color within the fireplace can also have a big impact. Some tiles are better than others at lighting up a surface and reflecting light. This can change the entire mood of your fireplace.

Opt for Sophisticated Black

Black paint can make the statement your home needs. When combined with the flames of a fireplace, the outcome is absolutely stunning. Whether you’re painting brick or other home materials, black paint is our favorite way to renovate a fireplace. This option also makes for a durable coating, which means less work for you in the future!

Fireplace Renovation with CertaPro Painters®

If you are unsure of how you want to renovate your fireplace, give our professionals a call. We have a designated color consultant that can help you create the fireplace of your dreams. Our professionals can even do minor repairs and offer other services! To get started, fill out our free, no-obligation form or call us at 469-264-7545. We look forward to working with you!