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Preparing Your Texas Home for a Spring Painting

Posted on April 17, 2023

Although it might not feel like it yet, the warm Texas weather will be here before we know it! This means getting our house back into tip-top shape. Ah yes, spring cleaning! There is something about the start of the spring when it just starts getting warm that gives us an extra burst of energy and motivation. AKA the perfect time to spruce up the homes in ways you’ve been wanting to for months––like adding a fresh coat of paint! A fresh coat of paint can make your entire home feel different in all the right ways. Here are some other reasons to get started on your interior or exterior painting project.

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Helps Your House Recover from the Winter

After the long, cold, windy winters of Texas, your house will need a little freshening up. Snow and rain can be incredibly hard on your house. This can lead to water damage that progresses rapidly. Left untreated or unnoticed, fixing these problems will end up being a costly bill.

When you paint your house in the spring, though, you get a first look at the damage caused by the previous months. You also get a jumpstart on fixing them! Professional painters can also help you choose a paint that is right for your climate. After all, not all paint is made equal.

The Spring Weather is Ideal for Painting

Everyone loves the warmer months after making it through the cold winter. New paint loves this temperature, too. The moderate and consistent temperatures makes for the perfect painting environment. Not only will your painters be in a better mood while doing the job, but you will also be more pleased with the results. You will get worse results if you choose to paint when it is too hot or too cold.

Foliage (or the lack of it) also plays a big part in why spring is the best time for an exterior paint job. Trees and plants haven’t quite sprung yet, giving your painter crew plenty of access to your home’s exterior. They’ll really be able to get every nook and cranny.

Painters Will Be Ecstatic for the Job

Our expert painters love taking on jobs in the Spring. Sure, the weather makes the job pleasant in and of itself, but we are also just excited to get back to work! If you know you want to paint your house in the spring, you can get your quote in early. This will also leave plenty of room for other services, such as color consultation and project planning.

Spring Painting with CertaPro Painters®

When you work with CertaPro Painters® you don’t have to worry about any sort of prep work. Our professionals are equipped to prepare your house for any type of painting job, interior or exterior. We provide a wide variety of services that cover the basic repairs we see on different home materials, including brick and vinyl. We also offer a free color consultation to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your end result.

To get started on your spring painting service, call one of the expert team members at 214-771-2382. You can also fill out our free, no-obligation form for a free estimate. CertaPro Painters® of Lake Ray Hubbard are local painters ready to start your project. Get started today!