What It's Like Working With CertaPro Painters® of Rockland County

Hiring professionals you can trust is essential to any home improvement project. From interior residential painting to exterior commercial work, our crew has the skill and expertise necessary to perform various services and deliver high-quality results.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work with CertaPro Painters® of Rockland County? We’ve answered some of the most popular questions we get when people are looking to hire a painting contractor in Rockland County.

Take a look:

Are you licensed and insured?

We hold Rockland County License # H-12-404-31, and we are fully insured. When we prepare your proposal, we will supply you with a copy of these documents.

Do you do carpentry work and replace drywall?

Yes, we do carpentry work related to painting, such as installing or repairing trim, molding, siding, etc. We also install drywall.

Can you help me with the paint colors?

When we meet with you to discuss your painting project, we can leave you with paint color brochures. You can also get sample cards at Sherwin Williams stores or any Benjamin Moore dealer. We also work with several Color Coordinators if this is a service you’d like. You can also check out the Sherwin Williams ColorSnap® Visualizer.

What brand of paint do you use?

Our professional painters in Rockland County use Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint. Both brands offer low, medium, and high-end products to meet your needs. We will discuss your options when we come to do the estimate.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards (with a 3% fee). We also offer financing options via a third-party bank.

What is the estimate process?

When you schedule a free estimate with CertaPro Painters® of Rockland County, the appointment will take about 45 minutes. We start by walking around with you to discuss your project and understand your expectations. Next, we take measurements, and we can either provide you with a price quote on the spot or will send it by email the next day at the latest.

Will the proposal be itemized?

In our proposals, we provide details regarding which rooms will be painted, the elements, and the number of coats. We detail our preparation steps and let you know how long the project will take. We will also detail any additional options you want to add that we discussed during the appointment.

When will I get my price quote?

We can prepare a quote for your painting project quickly, either on-the-spot or the next day.

Will you do estimates on weekends or evenings?

Our team is available to give estimates on Saturdays, and our last estimate of the day is 6 pm.

If I decide to hire you, what happens next?

Once you decide that you want to work with us, we’ll ask you to sign the proposal so we can get you on the production schedule. After that, you’ll send us a 35% deposit.

When do you need my colors?

We ask for you to email us the color name, number and finish four days before the project starts to ensure we’re ready to go. But, we don’t buy the paint until the day before your project begins, so you do have time to change your mind.

How should I get my house ready?

To prepare for interior painting, we ask you to remove small and fragile items. We will move the furniture and cover it with plastic. You might want to take pictures or mirrors off the wall, but only if you can easily handle them yourself. For exterior painting, you should move small items, like potted plants, away from the house. We also ask that you don’t park near your house while the crew is working and that you turn the hose water on for our use.

Who will be supervising my project?

An on-site Job Site Supervisor will lead your painting project. Although they are in charge and fully equipped to handle your concerns, you can always call our office or your Salesperson with any questions.

How many painters will be at my home and what hours do they work?

We usually send a crew of 3 to 4 painters to your house, depending on the project’s size. We work between 8 am to 4 pm. Sometimes, we’ll stay late if we need a little more time to finish the project. We also work on Saturday.

Once you start the job, do you stay until it’s done?

Yes. Once we begin your painting project, the crew assigned to that job is dedicated to being there until it’s done.

Can I leave my home while your painting crew works?

Yes, we are fully licensed and fully insured. We’ve worked inside and outside of hundreds of houses when the customer is not at home.

Will I need to clean up after my paint job is finished?

No, we put all items back where they were, replace switch plates and window treatments, and remove waste, scrap and materials. We then vacuum and wet-mop.

Do you provide touch-up paint?

We always have extra paint left at the end of any interior or exterior job. We’ll leave that with you in case you need it for future touch-ups.

How can I change something once work has begun or if there’s a problem?

Please speak to the Job Site Supervisor or call our office or your Salesperson.

We’re so excited to work with you on your next painting project in Rockland County. Check out some of our previous work in our portfolio, or contact us to schedule your free estimate!