01 March 2021

Increase Your Home’s Resale Value with Repainting

  Considering putting your home on the market? Before you have your property listed, there are a few professional painting projects that you should consider to make your house look its best. Our professional painters at CertaPro Painters of Rochester West can help you increase your home resale value through our trusted painting services inRead the full article

Learn When your House Exterior Needs Repainting

When should I paint my house? You probably have a general idea, or at least an expectation, of how long your current exterior paint job should last. The last time it was painted your painters probably gave you a rough estimate of how long it SHOULD last, but ultimately there are a number of factorsRead the full article

29 January 2021

Interior Painting Projects

5 Interior Paint Projects To Check Off Your List This Winter Now that the Rochester NY area weather is too cold for exterior painting, we should embrace the winter season by making the interior of our homes that much more delightful. While many people wait for warmer weather for their exterior house painting, any interiorRead the full article

Brick House Painting around Rochester

Painting a Brick Home In and around the Rochester NY area it’s common to find homes clad partially or entirely in brick. If you have brick inside or outside of your home, you might think there is little to do to update it. While it’s a timeless and earthy architectural finish, it can date aRead the full article

31 December 2020

Paint Undertones Explained

There is something hiding in your paint, you can’t see it on the paint sample chip, you won’t notice it on the colored paint can lid, you will only see it once you have committed to painting a whole wall, or two, or a complete room. It’s called an “undertone” and it’s the color hidingRead the full article

28 December 2020

Update your wood paneled rooms with these makeover options

Do you have a room in your home with wood paneling that’s looking dated? You aren’t alone, wood paneling comes in a number of forms but it’s not something you see included in most new homes. The reason is that it’s dark, it’s a solid wall of wood grain, and it makes a room lookRead the full article

29 November 2020

How winter weather affects exterior house paint

Let’s face it old man winter is tough in Rochester. It’s tough on roads, it’s tough on cars, it’s tough on roofs and it’s also tough on your exterior house paint. What most people don’t know is that it causes problems that can come from the outside weather in, but also from the inside ofRead the full article

27 November 2020

Questions to ask when selecting a painting contractor in Rochester.

Here are the 8 Most Important Questions to Ask When Selecting a Painting Contractor. Your home is likely the largest purchase you will ever make, and owning a home requires maintaining it to protect your investment. One of the tasks in that maintenance is painting. Whether it’s exterior painting or interior painting, it’s a taskRead the full article

22 October 2020

Protecting your deck this winter by staining it now

The Rochester area is a tough place for an outdoor deck. as a flat surface, it collects water and also bakes in the sun to a much higher degree than any vertical exterior wall does. It gets walked on, furniture is moved around on it, pets claw at it. In the fall it hosts wetRead the full article

21 October 2020

An interior house painting project in Webster New York with a red dining room

When your interior painting project includes a dining room it’s a great opportunity to add a dark color to the mix. Dark colors tend to make rooms, especially dining rooms, seem a bit smaller and cozier. Think warm family get-togethers, intimate dinners, add some dining room table decoration, maybe a bottle of red wine, andRead the full article