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Are you looking to transform your ordinary stucco home with a fresh coat of paint? CertaPro Painters® of Plymouth, MI are painting experts that offer professional exterior house painting services. We paint a variety of exterior siding and building materials, including stucco. Painting since 2013, our experienced painters are knowledgeable in this industry and know the proper exterior stucco painting techniques to give your home a high-quality finish that can last for years.

Our painting company will deliver phenomenal results every time. We are knowledgeable, efficient, and punctual when it comes to developing the appropriate course of action to make sure you achieve the best results for your home.

Our professional exterior house painters are very knowledgeable and will work alongside you to determine your house renovation needs. Our painting process include:

1 Power Washing

We can use both hand and power washing to remove stains, dirt, mildew, and debris from the surface of your house prior to your exterior painting service. This allows for better paint adherence and increases the paint’s longevity.

2 Preparation

Our team will bring in our professional materials to prep your home for paint.

3 Primer (if needed)

If you home needs a primer, we will apply an elastomeric/waterproof to seal the stucco surfaces

Paint the stucco

4 Paint

A coat of paint is applied, which is waterproof and contracts and expands to ensure years of enjoyment

Why Should You Paint Your Stucco Home?

Stucco Homes have become an increasingly popular exterior finish in the area, as it’s low maintenance and can last for years when taken care of. If you have a stucco home, you’re probably asking yourself if your stucco home needs to be painted. While there are no requirements to paint your home, there are several benefits to painting stucco.

Advantages of Painting Stucco

  • Seals out Moisture – Stucco is porous and absorbs a lot of water, which makes Stucco homes so popular in drier climates. When it rains in Plymouth, it’s great to have your home already prepped for these weather elements.
  • Filling the Cracks – Stucco is prone to cracking, which doesn’t suit a foundation settlement-issue environment. Painting your home with high-quality, thick paint can fill in thin cracks. However, it’s important to note that with bigger cracks, these will need to be caulked or patched. We do offer repair services for stucco as well.
  • Resists UV Rays – Just like most materials, sun damage can take a toll on your exterior. Painting your stucco helps keeps your exterior properly insulated, especially if you choose a light color that will reflect sunlight.
  • Covers Stains – Stucco is also known for staining, and painting stucco is a great way to cover these stains!

When painted by professionals, we can ensure that your stucco exterior will last. Ideally, stucco should be painted every 5 to 10 years. With our team of skilled, meticulous painters, we will provide you with successful results to keep your house looking fresh for years to come.

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