CertaPro Painters Offers Paint It Pink this October

Posted on October 1, 2019

As we head into autumn, you may be looking at drab walls and dinged doorways. Before the family dinners and holiday events, get your home in tip top shape with new paint. Book your Paint It Pink project for October and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

CertaPro Painters® of Plainfield, IL values both our community and the members of it. Because of this, it’s important for our franchise to give back to responsible charities for breast cancer awareness. BCRF is a non-profit organization that aims to support prevention and finding a cure for breast cancer. They provide funding for the advancement in tumor biology, genetic testing, treatment advancement and ultimately, survivorship.

Interior projects completed during the month of October are included in this fundraising effort. Our teams will update your home and give you a vibrant and clean backdrop to set your holidays against. Here are some projects to consider:


Bathrooms are a great place to get your bang for your buck. Let’s face it, guests will likely need to visit this room while in your home. Because the room is relatively small, it’s a small paint job that can have a big impact. And since the room is generally out of eye sight line from other rooms, this is one place you can get creative with your color choices. A crisp new color will allow the bathroom to flourish as a clean and stylish respite.

Common Areas

Formal living and dining rooms are often forgotten about, since they are rarely used. An updated color creates a new warmth in the areas you will spend time with family members. Carrying a color scheme through the area will give you a magazine worthy home to put your loved ones in.


Kitchens are considered splash zone areas. Stains and smears are prevalent on wall paint. When you choose a paint for your kitchen, remember the finish is just as important as the color. Choosing a semi-gloss or glossy finish will allow you to clean messes. These finishes stand up to scrubbing and messes that would stain and ruin others.

So while you are working on your plans for the holidays, know that we are working with BCRF for the betterment of those with breast cancer. Schedule your free, in-home estimate to take advantage of this program.