12 November 2019

Porch Painting & Restoration in Pittsburgh South

Porch Painting and Restoration in the Pittsburgh South Hills Area Bethel Park – Canonsburg – South Hills – Upper Saint Clair – Corapolis We recently completed a porch painting and restoration project for a home in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania. A porch painting project such as this has it’s own set of unique challenges and requirements,Read the full article

06 November 2019

Tape or no tape?

Tape or no tape? That is the question! Great article here on this topic of whether or not to use painter’s tape. Important to note that using or not using tape is a painter preference and the choice doesn’t make the painter either a pro or an amateur. Most important is that the Job SiteRead the full article

24 October 2019

5 Tips for Interior Painting Before the Holidays

The holidays can surprise even the most prepared of us. Suddenly, the family is here and it’s time for celebrations and ringing in the new year. It’s an exciting, but busy and stressful time of year. If you assume you’ve missed your painting window, think again. Here are 5 tips for interior painting before theRead the full article

23 September 2019

House Painting Tips from Professional Painters

Most of us are capable of painting a room to a decent look. A professional in the industry can do a great job. That’s partially because of on the job experience, but also techniques and tips they have gained from being in the field. We spoke with some professional painters to get the best tipsRead the full article