Wallpaper Removal Services

Wallpaper Removal Services

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Tattered and peeling wallpaper makes your home feel outdated or in need of maintenance. Don’t let that old wallpaper hold you back from getting your home painted. The seasoned experts at CertaPro Painters® of Pearland & Friendswood, TX are here to make sure you are not overwhelmed by removing old wallpaper for a new paint color.

CertaPro Painters’ wall coverings removal and painting process:

wallpaper removal

1Remove Wallpaper

We remove old wallpaper by gently lifting the paper so we do not damage the walls of your home

drywall being repaired


Repair surface abrasions and other imperfections.

drywall being primed for painting or wallpaper


The wall is cleaned and a fresh coat of paint primer is applied

interior wall painting

4Paint Walls

If you are choosing a new wall color, the new paint color is applied

What sets us apart from many other wallcovering and painting contractors is the customer experience you can expect from the house painting professionals at CertaPro Painters.

Wallpaper removal is a tedious, frustrating, and long process

For this reason, our customers have found the time and effort saved through hiring CertaPro Painters® easily outweighs the typical wallpaper removal services cost.

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The following factors influence the price of removing wallpaper from your home:

    • Size of the room.
    • How long the wallpaper has been on the wall.
    • The amount of glue used on the existing wallpaper.
    • Shape and layout of the walls.

For an accurate idea of our prices, it is always best to get in touch with CertaPro Painters® for a free estimate of your particular job. We will price based on your individual needs, and offer an estimate for combined jobs that include wallpaper removal, color consultations, or painting services.

Since these jobs occasionally are delivered within the same day or in quick succession of each other, these combined solutions are often extremely cost-effective, time-saving, and practical.

wallpaper removal

Wallpaper Removal and Painting Services

You may want to move away from wallpaper entirely after its removal. Combining our wallpaper removal and painting services is a great way to effortlessly transition from wallpaper to paint in one project. After the wallpaper is removed, we ensure that it is perfectly primed for painting with a skim coat and any necessary retouches, leaving you with a smooth surface that has all the possibilities of a fresh wall.

This means you are free to explore the many possibilities of paint. You can request a color consultation service to decide on a show-stopping new color for your walls or even look into different forms of decorative painting like faux painting and patterned effects. Or even combine paint with wallpaper for a highly personalized effect by applying wallpaper on one feature wall and paint the remaining walls a coordinating color, the possibilities are endless.

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