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Stucco Repair & Painting Services in Pasadena, CA

Both residential and commercial properties commonly use stucco as an exterior building material in the Pasadena area. Our crew is experienced with patching, repairing, and painting stucco services. During your estimate appointment, a CertaPro representative will inspect your home for any potential problems, we can include stucco repairs as part of your painting estimate, or offer it as a stand alone service. If you notice fading colors, cracks in the exterior, or chalking, you may need to have stucco repair services done.

Our team is knowledgeable about on painting and stucco repair. Our painting services include:

Stucco Repair

1 Repair

First we repair all cracks in the stucco surfaces

Damaged stucco repair

2 Replace Stucco

If the stucco is damaged we can replace it.

3 Primer

We apply an elastomeric/waterproof to seal the stucco surfaces

Paint the stucco

4 Paint

A coat of paint is applied, which is waterproof and contracts and expands to ensure years of enjoyment

Stucco Projects Our Team Completed in the Pasadena Area

See below for samples of stucco painting and repair projects our team completed in the Pasadena service area. We offer free estimates, contact us if you would like to discuss your project.

Exterior Stucco Painting Project

Exterior Stucco Painting Project

Our team did an exterior painting project for this stucco home in Altadena.

Yellow Stucco Exterior

Yellow Stucco Exterior

This shade of yellow is popular on stucco homes in the area.

Stucco Repair & Painting

Stucco Repair & Painting

We can help with stucco repairs prior to an exterior painting project, or just make repairs if that is all you need.

Stucco Home in La Canada

Stucco Home in La Canada

Another popular color choice for stucco homes in the area. This home in La Canada was painted by our team.

Exterior Stucco & Brick Painting Project

Exterior Stucco & Brick Painting Project

This project involved light stucco repairs, exterior painting, painting of the brick on the chimney and painting for trim and windows around the home.