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Ideas for Your Basement Painting Project

Posted on June 30, 2022

The value of a basement to a homeowner can be subjective. Some people will just use it to store holiday decorations and boxes from 3 moves ago. But others are quick to start a basement painting project to make useful space out of their basement. They call CertaPro Painters of Palatine, IL to help them create their vision of a perfectly designed & painted basement space.

These people know the value of a basement to a home is immeasurable. Finishing your basement can create value/equity further down the line as well as immediately.

However, the biggest obstacle may be figuring out what to do with all that space. Here are a few ideas that CertaPro can help you create today.

Creating a Center of Attention.

You name it when it comes to basements. You could create a home theater, or fully stocked bar, gym, studio, office, or living space! A basement can be all these things and more. When finishing a basement people want it to be the new “place” to hang out or get work done. At CertaPro, we understand this vision and love helping people create it in their homes.

A Home Theater?

Dark colors, an open concept, and a modern design all lend themselves to creating a comforting movie viewing experience. However, more goes into creating the right-looking space than just the concept.

It comes down to the details. The right color for your walls and trim, the right carpet or flooring, and good interior design are all important to create the right feel. Look at keeping colors and design simple. CertaPro Painters’ Color Consultants can help you with all your color choices. Also, it is important to allow space for decoration and furnishing to create the most comfortable viewing experience. Then gather the family, turn down the lights, turn on your favorite movie, and enjoy it!

More Living Space?

It might not be the best option to tear down all the walls if you are looking at converting your basement to a fully functioning living or guest space. Look at what you have and what you can do and compare it to what you want. Ask some of these questions:

How many rooms are there?

Can a kitchen be put down there?

Where would the bathrooms go?

Once these are figured out you can move more towards the design. The key to making this work is creating a design that does not differ from the rest of your house. When you walk down those steps from your main floor to your basement it should feel as though it is just an extension of the rest of your house.

An Entertainment Area?

Maybe converting your basement into a family-oriented space is not for you. Having space where you can unwind, invite friends, and hang out is what you need. A functioning entertainment area might be for you.

A comfortable couch, large tv, fully stocked bar, and a pool table area are all great ways to create valuable space for entertainment and relaxation. You can add your own personal touches. If you are a musician, you could look at converting one room or corner into a playing area.

Or if you are a gym rat maybe add a treadmill and weight bench to put in that extra work in between relaxing. Maybe you are a sports fan. You can decorate your walls and shelves with all your memorabilia.

The great thing about a basement is that it can be completely independent of the rest of your house or act as another part of it. Whatever you decide to do it is up to you! Make it your own and enjoy it.

Do you have a basement painting & design project to start? Call CertaPro Painters of Palatine, IL at 847-963-1820 or go online to schedule an estimate today.