22 September 2023

Interior Trim Painting Trends in Ottawa

Ottawa, renowned for its rich history and beautiful architecture, has always been a city that pays homage to its past while keeping an eye on the future. This duality can be seen vividly in the world of interior design and, more specifically, in the evolving trends of interior trim painting. As we delve into 2023,Read the full article

Cabinet Painting Services for Cupboards, Vanities, Storage, & More!

When it comes to rejuvenating your home, nothing can match the transformative power of a fresh coat of paint – especially on cabinets. Those worn-out kitchen cupboards, outdated bathroom vanities, and forgotten storage units can be given a new lease of life, all thanks to CertaPro Painters of Ottawa’s unparalleled expertise in cabinet painting. CabinetRead the full article

01 May 2023

CertaPro Painters of Ottawa – A Decade of Quality Painting

For over a decade, CertaPro Painters of Ottawa has been providing quality painting services to our clients and local community. We strive to create an aesthetically pleasing and durable finish on every job, no matter how large or small. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to become one of the most trusted painting companiesRead the full article

03 April 2023

Why Invest in Home Siding Painting in Ottawa?

Home siding serves many purposes both visually and practically. As such, its important that homeowners ensure their siding is properly maintained and in good condition. One way to do this is by repainting your home siding with the professionals here at CertaPro Painters of Ottawa. After over a decade in business, our painters have aRead the full article

13 March 2023

Why Hire Crown Moulding Painting Professionals in Ottawa

Are you looking to give your home interior a fresh look? One of the best ways to do this is by getting crown moulding painting done to help accent your existing color scheme. Crown moulding painting involves adding a layer of paint to interior trims that are typically found in homes, offices, and other buildings.Read the full article

16 February 2023

Why Hire CertaPro Painters for Warehouse Painting in Ottawa

When it comes to your warehouse painting needs, you want to make sure that the job is done well and quickly. That’s why hiring a professional painter is essential. If you are looking for a great painter for your Ottawa warehouse, look no further than CertaPro Painters. Let’s take a look at why CertaPro shouldRead the full article

Painting Services to Revitalize Your Ottawa Office Space

When you’re looking to spruce up your Ottawa office space, call the professionals here at CertaPro Painters. Our professional painting services can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your business. Whether you need interior painting or exterior painting, there are several options and services available to choose from. Let’s exploreRead the full article

30 September 2022

Painting Tips for Open Concept Living Spaces

Do you live in an open concept home? This popular floor plan has continued to be beloved by many homeowners. The open flow from room to room provides an effortless flow, and it is great for entertaining guests. Here at CertaPro Painters® of Ottawa, we can transform any style of home in the local areaRead the full article

The Best Paint Colors for Your Ottawa Front Door

Have you been racking your brain for the perfect way to upgrade the exterior of your home? One place that most people forget to refresh with a fresh coat of paint is their front door. The entrance of your home should not be left without routine painting maintenance, as it is what greets your guestsRead the full article

31 August 2022

Popular Exterior Colors for Homes in Ottawa

Ottawa, the vibrant capital city of Canada, boasts a rich architectural tapestry that reflects both its historical roots and modern sensibilities. As homeowners look to make their mark amidst the city’s picturesque neighborhoods, selecting the right exterior color becomes paramount. From the historic charm of The Glebe to the contemporary vibes of Westboro, the trendingRead the full article