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Sherwin Williams VS Benjamin Moore House Paint

Posted on October 31, 2021

In Oswego, IL, we have quite a few choices of just about anything. The same is true with the various brands of house paint when deciding which brand to use to paint the exterior or interior of your home.

The two biggest brands on the market are Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Both of these brands have been around for over one hundred years, and the quality of both their products clearly stands the test of time.

So when it comes to choosing which one is best for painting one’s home, the answer is simple, Both! I know what you’re thinking, “That’s not a comparison!” And you’re right. Comparing Sherwin Williams to Benjamin Moore is like comparing a Ferrari to a Ferrari. It’s true. Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are very high-quality products, choosing either one would be fine. So then the question becomes, “how to choose?” and that answer is that making a choice comes down simply to preferences.

Each brand offers slightly different advantages from the other, and it really all depends on what you personally find appealing.

While both brands are close in price, Sherwin Williams does tend to be slightly more expensive than its counterpart, Benjamin Moore. For a 1 gallon can of paint with BM, you’ll pay roughly $45-$50. For SW a 1 gallon can of paint costs around $50-$55. Of course, depending on the color of the paint, the price differential can always swing back the other way.

Sherwin Williams has retail locations that any professional painter can walk into and purchase paint. With Benjamin Moore, you have to go through an authorized dealer store; a simple search online can help you find out who is authorized to sell Benjamin Moore.

With performance, it comes down to coverage and touch-up. The easier the paint goes on and how well it covers is important, as are touch-ups to that paint should it chip. You want the touch-up to match the paint 100% so that it isn’t noticeable. Both of Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore’s high-quality paints do a good job in this area. A good rule of thumb to remember is that the thinner the paint, the more coats you will need to have applied. Ideally, high-quality paints require only two coats.

At Certapro Painters of Oswego, we work with both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Depending on what area of your home we are working in, the interior or exterior, the color mix that you choose, all of these things would play into what brand that we recommend you use.

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