Curb Appeal Projects to Consider Now

As we continue to spend our time outdoors, summer is the perfect time to tackle those exterior projects you’ve been considering.

In fact, summer is the ideal opportunity to focus on curb appeal-improving projects. You’re ready for your friends, family, and neighbors to have a great new impression of your home.

So, where should you get started? What will make the biggest impression? What will keep you on a budget? We’ve created a list of ways to improve your curb appeal, some of which can be DIY and others that require a professional.

Power Washing

Power washing is the best way to improve the look of your home. You wouldn’t go to an event with an outfit that had stains, so why live in a house that had dirt and mold on it?

Removing dirt and streaks with a power washer from your paint, siding, brick, or stucco is an easy and inexpensive project for improving your curb appeal. You can get a power washer on your own by renting, purchasing, or borrowing a power washer. But one quick word of advice: some power washers offer too much power. Using too much power can result in chipped paint, loose or dented siding, or an uneven job. If you’ve never used a power washer before, you may want to consider hiring a professional to avoid these possible issues.

Update Your Front Porch

Your front porch gives the first impression of a house and is the first place to welcome a guest. Make your house pop from the street and look more inviting by updating your front porch. Some ways to accomplish this is by power washing your front porch, sanding it, and repainting the area. You’ll be surprised at how much a new coat of paint can brighten up a space.

Your front porch is the entryway to your home and updating it will immediately add curb appeal making it the nicest home on the block.

certapro painters of jupiter flAdd a New Coat of Paint

Change and styles evolve over time. You want the exterior of your home to reflect who you are as a homeowner, neighbor, and a person. Paint also wears over time so it’s likely that your home needs a touch-up to restore it to its full potential.

Contact the professionals at CertaPro Painters of Omaha, NE and ask what paint colors they suggest and how to achieve the aesthetic you dream of. Don’t forget to paint the eaves, trim, windows, shutters, and doors to really make your primary color shine.

Stucco Repairs

Although Stucco is inexpensive and durable, nothing lasts forever. If your stucco exterior is in need of some TLC, take advantage of the nice weather to address problem areas.

Just like with power washing, unless you have experience you should really call a professional. They will have the knowledge and necessary tools to make flawless repairs in a short amount of time.

Please note that stucco is a multi-step process that will take at least two days. Depending on the size of the project it can even take more. It is best to schedule this project for a stretch of sunny days.

Revamp Your Deck

During the summer you spend a lot of time outside at your house with friends and family in the backyard. So when considering some exterior curb appeal projects, keep your deck in mind.

Some deck projects include staining or re-staining the wood. And while you’re at it, new color or a new paint overtop it can totally transform your outdoor living space. As with most of these curb appeal projects, re-staining and/or painting a deck can be done on your own. But consider a professional to ensure perfect uniformity.

If you would like an expert opinion on how to improve your curb appeal, or would like to schedule a free remote estimate, contact CertaPro Painters® of Omaha, NE.