How to Store Leftover Paint

When you’re painting your house, you’ll end up with leftover paint if you prepared correctly. Eventually,
your walls will need a touchup due to fading, scuff marks, holes left in the wall, and other wear and tear.
Having extra paint on hand can help you fix these small mishaps and can be used for other projects, too.
The question is, how do you store leftover paint?

The expert painters at CertaPro Painters® of Ocala and The Villages give their five best tips on storing
leftover paint.

1. Tightly seal the paint can. You want little to no air to get in the can; otherwise, it won’t last as
2. Before you seal your paint can clean its rim. The lid will be able to close better.
3. Use plastic wrap in between the lid and the can. This layer of plastic adds an extra layer of
protection for the paint.
4. Close the paint can with a rubber mallet instead of a hammer. The rubber mallet will give it a
good seal without damaging or distorting the lid. If you only have a hammer on hand, put a
piece of wood between the hammer and lid before starting the process.
5. Store the paint can upside down. This method allows the paint to create its own seal against the

When you correctly store your paint, you’ll be able to make it last for years. Its shelf life depends on
what type of paint you used. Latex or water-based can typically last for ten years, while oil-based paint
usually lasts up to 15 years.

Where to Keep Leftover Paint

After you’ve properly sealed your paint, you need to find somewhere to keep it. Ocala’s professional
painters say the best place to store leftover paint is in a cool, dry area. Think your basement or a utility
closet. Garages and sheds can experience drastic temperature changes, so you should avoid those
spaces if you can.

You also need to consider how to organize it, especially if you have more than one color. It’s best if you
keep all of your leftover paint on a shelf instead of the floor. Additionally, a self-storage company in Ocala, FL,
says you should put a little bit of paint on the outside of the can so you can see which color it
is without having to open all the cans.

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