Meet Melisa!

Hey ya’ll,

My name is Melisa Simpson and this is my first blog post so I thought I would introduce myself.  I am the Office Associate/Social Media Guru/Scheduling Wizard/Customer Service Superstar/Glue that holds CertaPro Painters of Nova Scotia together.

I’ve only been with CertaPro since October but I like to think that I’ve managed to make my mark on the company. One of the main reasons they decided upon me in the sea of amazing candidates was that I was very vocal about how I wanted to come in and change CertaPro and take it from a great company to an amazing one. Now that I was hired I had to put my money where my mouth is and start brainstorming and implementing those changes.

This is one of those changes. Welcome to my blog. Over the next few months I will be posting about all things painting and CertaPro. From Q&A’s with our sales team, to colour trends, and painting specials, but most importantly our community involvement.

I knew from my research that on a national scale CertaPro Painters was a brand that gives back to the community, provides professional services, and is a name  you can trust  – but did our community know that locally? In the HRM there are a handful of skilled painters and painting companies so why should someone chose CertaPro over the next guy? These are some of the questions I pondered.

Being the new kid on the block with a thirst to prove my worth,  I wanted to make 2018 our year. I want CertaPro Painters of NS to be the #1 choice for both Residential and Commercial painting services but not for the obvious reasons. Yes we have been in business for 21 years, yes we hire locally and keep our painters employed year round, yes we stand by our 2 year warranty, yes we do free color consults so you can pick the best color for your home – but that can be said for other companies. What sets us apart? What makes us special? COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT!

Our community involvement is what matters. I can tell you until I’m blue in the face about our skilled painters, fair pricing and the high profile jobs we have completed but none of that matters if we don’t give back to you – our clients, our friends, our neighbours, our family. We want to be the company you choose because we are one of you.

In the past 3 months we have implemented what we call our “Social Community”. We engage with our clients and the community through Facebook and Instagram. We do monthly giveaways, showcase the jobs we’re proud of, and all the different community events and charities  we support. So if you don’t already follow us – you should!

In December we were involved with Be a Santa to a Senior through The Berkeley Halifax. The majority of items we gathered for the Seniors in HRM were items like unscented personal care items , diabetic socks, slippers, stamps – things most of us take for granted were items they wanted for Christmas. Knowing we made someone’s Christmas with those everyday items was the best feeling in the world.

This month through March we will be working with Family SOS – a local non-profit, child-centered organization directed toward building strong and healthy families. We will be helping them spruce up their offices and youth space with a new paint job, taking donations for artwork and games and attending their trivia night in March.

How you can help Family SOS: If you would like to donate any art work or large games (think fooseball table or ping pong table) please email me at and I can arrange to have the items picked up. Or if you are interested in joining us for their trivia night in March please check out our facebook page in the next few weeks as we will be posting about the when  and where.

Well folks that’s it for now. Thanks for reading!

– Melisa