Garage Floor Coatings and Painting Services

Give Your Garage Floor a Facelift

Although it’s typically the most unappealing space of your house, the garage is actually the easiest place to beautify… CertaPro Painters® can upgrade the look of your garage floor, coating it with quality products for a beautiful look that lasts.

Our garage floor painting services ensure that you have a long-lasting, durable, slip-resistant garage floor coating. We use Citadel Polyurea Coating, the worldwide, unmatched leader in the concrete floors industry. Citadel products are 20 times stronger than classic epoxy flooring.

With your garage flooring projects, CertaPro offers a free design consultation to ensure your new floor complements your existing home design seamlessly. We offer coatings and coverings in a variety of color combinations to complement the existing look of your home. Our coatings even protect against future oil, grease, and solvent spills.

Take your garage floor look to the next level.

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