22 July 2021

Color Trends You Need to Watch Out for in 2021

The quarantine period surely made us appreciate our homes in ways we never had before. As a result, areas of the house that previously went unnoticed, are now catching our eye. For example, the flaky cabinet whose paint is now inconsistent. Or the bathroom floor that is seriously fading. The good thing is, if you’reRead the full article

28 May 2021

2 Brilliant Ideas to Leverage Your Panama City Beach Commercial Property

Panama City Beach is one famous destination on the northwest coast of Florida. Its white beaches and iconic tourist attractions give this city the edge in several aspects – real estate, work, and business. So, if you own properties in this city, give them upgrades that will leverage their value in the market. Unlike residentialRead the full article

21 May 2021

Why do you need a professional painter for cabinet repainting?

Are you planning to do some home upgrades? That is awesome! You get to give your home a revamp. But, what kind of upgrades do you plan to do? There are a lot of ideas available and that includes doing cabinet refinishing and repainting. At first, you may think that this is something you canRead the full article

23 April 2021

Choosing Between Acrylic, Water-Based, & Oil-Based Paint

A lot of decisions have to be made when you’re planning on giving your house a fresh coat of paint. That includes choosing the right kind of paint to use—acrylic, weather-based, or oil-based? There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to this selection. And only expert painters know exactly what’s theRead the full article

09 April 2021

Pros and Cons of Painting Your Brick Home

There’s always been a debate about whether you should paint your exterior brick or not. Experts say go for it. It will keep the brick polished, giving off a fresher look for your home. Still, this aesthetic effort comes with consequences you have to consider before going for that fresh coat of paint. We askedRead the full article

25 March 2021

A Guide to Weatherproofing Commercial Buildings

Weatherproofing your commercial or industrial building is different from waterproofing. Although both services aim to protect your building from harsh weather conditions, the former still offers wider coverage. CertaPro Painters® of Northwest Florida offers that full commercial proofing service. In this article, we’ll share what our pro contractors have said about the benefits of thisRead the full article

16 March 2021

Why Spring Is the Best Time for Painting Your Pensacola Home

Spring will always be the best time to give your home in Pensacola a major makeover. Whether that’s a renovation or a full painting project. Painting your home in spring has more advantages than painting during other seasons—the general timing, weather, availability of professional painters in Pensacola, and more. Here are the advantages of paintingRead the full article

10 March 2021

Spring: The Best Time for Commercial Painting in Destin

In case you’re wondering when to give your commercial property a paint makeover, spring is just the perfect season. You can still do it at other times of the year, but they’re not going to be as convenient. For instance, between the fall and winter months, the temperature outside drops from the ideal painting temperatureRead the full article

05 March 2021

4 Springtime Paint & Home Improvement Tips

Spring in Northwest Florida is the perfect time to do full home interior and exterior projects, especially painting. The mild weather will make lead times shorter. By summertime, your home will already be in top shape for visitors and other fun at-home summer activities. Spring is also the busiest season for home-buying. Completing your renovationsRead the full article

24 February 2021

When Should You Pressure Wash Your House?

If you’re planning to give your home’s exterior a fresh coat of paint, make sure to include pressure washing in your prep process. Even if you’re not planning on repainting, it’s still a good house treatment on its own. Once you see stubborn dust, dirt, and grime on your exterior surfaces, it’s definitely time forRead the full article