Retail Store Painting with CertaPro

The holidays have come and gone. Small retail businesses have dealt with the rush and hurry of customers needing to fill their holiday shopping lists. You can breathe a sigh of relief. But, as a small business owner, you know that while you have time for a little rest, you also know that you cannot waste this quiet time.

You know that this time of year allows you to do other things that will increase your business growth and success

Does your retail space need refreshing?

If you are a small business owner with a retail space that needs a little refreshing, CertaPro painters are the experts that can assist you with a retail business painting project. With CertaPro, smaller commercial projects can be completed fairly quickly without causing havoc to your regular business routines.

At CertaPro, we can help with color consultations for your boutique, book store, or small office. Our color experts can guide you through creating a color palette that speaks to your customers and creates the exact ambiance you want for your business.

We also have experts at color consulting that can provide the help you need to create beautifully colored backgrounds to make your business look brand new. New customers will come in just to look at your walls. Well, maybe not just to see the walls but they will be very impressed!

But what if now is not the right time to take on repainting your whole business? Don’t worry, we have some smaller projects you can try that will make your business shine.

A Few Smaller Projects That Will Make Your Business Shine

Here are some small DIY improvement projects that take little more than an afternoon or so to finish, and a little elbow grease to accomplish. Just because a project is small does not mean it cannot have a big impact on your business’s bottom line.

Bench & Seating Beautification
No matter which business you run, having extra seating gives a welcoming feeling.
You can upcycle an inexpensive bench purchased from a thrift store. Or get some seating from a garage sale or flea market.

Make sure you do the work in a garage or a room with the door open for ventilation. You can get creative with colors and style options. Even add stencils with your business logo or design for an added effect.

Re-work or Add to Your Lighting
Another great way to add bling to the exterior of your business is to add a lantern or string lighting to your entrance area. This can brighten your entryway and make it very inviting. You can find old lanterns leftover from the holidays at your local thrift store. All you need to do is clean them up, sand the edges to get rid of debris and chipping paint. Then give them a quick paint job with the appropriate spray paint and they will look brand new.

Lighting is a great way to space off areas within your business. You can design a larger space into smaller areas with the help of some lighting and a few other furniture changes. And this is a very inexpensive way to make your workspace more comfortable & organized.

Add Bookcases or Shelves
Bookcases can be an excellent choice for adding depth and character to your business environment. Shelves stacked with books from all your industry’s most popular thought leaders let your clients and customers know you are studied & an expert within your field.

Bookcases and shelves can be purchased and set up with ease. This is a great way to give you more storage options while also creating a great business atmosphere.

More Styling for Storage
If you are like most businesses, space for files and storage always seems like it’s lacking & more is needed. Whether you need a cabinet for an extra product or to display items or just to hide the messes away, add some extra storage for your business with an upcycled dresser or cabinet.

Pick a color that goes with your decor and add it to the cabinet to make it blend perfectly. Sand the finish off of the wood, consider adding a primer layer and wipe down the cabinet before you paint. It is easy to find dressers and cabinets at your local thrift store. This is another inexpensive solution to styling your office.

These are just a few little things you can do to enhance your business’ feel and ambiance.

CertaPro Can Help with All Your Commercial Painting Needs
If you are ready for a total refresh of your office or retail space, call your CertaPro painters. We will take on the larger painting projects to improve your small business. We understand that no matter how small your business is, its success is huge to you.

We want to help our community thrive, by helping small business owners succeed.

Have a small business project you want to begin? Start today by scheduling a free estimate with CertaPro Painters® of Northridge – Granada Hills, CA