Spruce up Work with Commercial Office Painting Projects

Offices are often overlooked when it comes to colors and creativity in painting. All too often they are stark white walls that are expected to inspire productivity. Since you spend as much time there as home, why not get creative with the color scheme. Here is how to spruce up work with commercial office painting projects.

Accent Walls

Arguably the simplest and most budget friendly way to spruce up an office is the add a bold accent wall. Beyond a bright color, consider a mural, oversized logo or piece of art. Choose a place to put it that will be seen by a lot of employees on regular work days. Many companies choose hallways, conference rooms or lobbies to get the most eyes on their piece.





If you aren’t ready to commit to a mural, but want more than a flat color, why not go ombre. The trend is all the rage right now from clothing to hair to painting. For ultimate style, opt for a sideways fade down a hallway or long wall. If it’s used right, it will make a smaller office look larger with a trick of the eye.




Color Washing

Faux finishes are another way to add style to a plain accent wall. It creates a depth and texture within one color. The painters thin it out and use it in layers to create an older or vintage look on the wall. If your company has a particular color within the organization, this is a great way to showcase it.





Interactive walls

Give your employees an outlet for projects. By adding a wall that is interactive, like chalk or white board, you can have an outlet for words of encouragement, notes or project outlines. Either of the options requires quite a few coats. Read reviews before you commit to one or the other since brands vary in their effectiveness.







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