Painting Services For Hotels in Northern Arizona

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Northern Arizona is home to many beautiful tourist attractions and is home to many hotels, we have been proudly providing painting services for hotels in the area when they are in need of professional assistance. Hotel painting projects often require specialized equipment to handle multiple story buildings and very large exterior surface areas to cover. We are trained in the operation of boom lifts and paint sprayers and have experience with hotel painting projects.


Surface preparation for hotels

Stucco exteriors are very common in the area and sometimes need repair prior to painting. Before we begin we will survey they exterior to look for any potential problem areas patch fix any areas in need of attention. If other issues are noticed but are outside of the normal project scope, we will bring them to the attention of our facilities contact at the hotel and discuss options.

Painting Hard to Reach Areas with a Boom Lift

Many hotel projects require extending boom lifts to reach hard to reach areas. In Northern Arizona, 3,4, and 5 floor hotels are not uncommon. Without the proper training and equipment completing a painting project like this can be dangerous. Even hotels with full time on-site maintenance staff often request we provide assistance on the exterior for this reason.





Painting Around Mounted Signage

Hotels frequently have large illuminated signage and its one of the first questions we get asked when estimating a project like this – “How will you handle painting around the sign?”. It depends, much of the time careful wrapping and taping of the sign is enough to paint around the back and complete the job. In some cases, its better to temporarily remove the signage, paint behind it, then put the sign back up.  Setting up an appointment with one of our estimators is the best way to get an understanding for what will be involved with your project, all our estimates are free – contact us if you have questions.




About Hotel Painting Projects

On tall buildings requiring a lift, exterior paint projects are usually a 2 or more person job. On the lift one person handles applying the paint with a sprayer that runs back to the ground, another person operates the boom and moves into position while keeping an eye on traffic on the ground. Sometimes there are additional personnel needed on the ground level to block traffic , or manage a road lane closure. Usually hotels have large parking areas all the way around the structure that eliminate the need for coordinating traffic / lane closures but it can happen. If so, we will work to get the necessary permits and paperwork.





Interior Painting Services & Restoration

We can also help with interior painting projects for hotel and motel properties. If you are interested we can work on maintenance plans with annual maintenance work or painting projects on a rotation, we can work with you on extended agreements. If you have rooms with aging color schemes, wallpaper that needs removal, or minor drywall repair done, we can also assist. Contact us for a free estimate appointment.