Log Home Chinking in Northern AZ

What is Chinking for Log Homes?

Chinking is a flexible sealant, similar to caulking, that is commonly used to seal seams and joints in log homes. It is an important part of log home maintenance. The duration of a new chinking application will vary, however a professional install can last up to 40 years. In the northern part of Arizona we see some cabin owners have chinking applied as often as once every 20 years. It will depend on your cabins exposure to elements, sun, or other factors like accidental damage that could raise the need for repair or reapplication sooner.

Benefits of Chinking

Chinking helps with insulation the home, it retains heat within the cabin and helps to keep out bugs and rodents from working their way into the interior via cracks or gaps in the exterior. Chinking also helps with moisture levels and humidity within the home.

Types of Chinking

There are a variety of color options and styles for chinking, some modern cabins even apply chinking for aesthetic purposes. Our team at CertaPro Painters of Northern Arizona is experienced with all types of chinking, the first step is to contact us for a free estimate to learn about your options and pricing.