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Cabin Staining & Painting in Northern Arizona

Posted on August 3, 2019

Log Cabin Staining in Flagstaff, Prescott, & Sedona, AZ

Log homes and cabins are fairly prevalent in northern Arizona, and are popular choices for rental properties and vacation homes. Maintaining a log cabin is a little different than traditional homes with siding, stucco, because of the nature of the materials. It is generally recommended that you do not paint a log home’s exterior, instead staining of the wood is ideal and best for the life and preservation of the logs.


Why You Should Not Paint Log Cabins

Logs contain some moisture. Most of this is deep within the inner parts of the wood but its presence creates some special considerations for homes built entirely from logs. When logs are cut for cabins, they usually sit for about a year to dry out, but it’s still not enough to completely remove all moisture from the wood. Even after 10+ years there is often some moisture deep in the material.

When you paint a log cabin’s exterior, it prevents airflow through the wood and traps moisture in the log. With enough time this trapped moisture can cause wood rot, and lead to major structural repairs.



Staining Log Homes is Recommended

Stain will soak into the wood rather than completely cover and seal the exterior. Additionally, from a cosmetic standpoint, showing off the wood grain and the wood itself is often attractive and gives the home personality. Stain does protect against the elements, when rain or snow starts to fall, a stained surface will repel moisture while not  completely preventing airflow through the wood.

Log Staining Projects We Completed in Northern Arizona

See below for a few pictures from cabin staining projects we completed in the greater Northern Arizona service area. If you are interested in cabin staining services, contact us today for a free estimate.