31 March 2020

10 Exterior Features You Never Knew You Could Upgrade With Paint

It’s only natural after spring cleaning to dream of a major home makeover and beautiful result. It’s a big project with a bigger bill to go with it. Don’t be discouraged. There are smaller-scale, eye-catching transformations you can do yourself. Here are 10 exterior features you never knew you could upgrade with paint Siding ItRead the full article

13 February 2020

How Long Does Paint Last?

Ordering paint for a home job usually means planning some extra for knicks and dings that happen to your walls with life. Gallons of paint can be stacked up in the garage or shed for longer than you’d like to acknowledge. You could be storing paint that isn’t good anymore. How do you know ifRead the full article

21 January 2020

How to make a Room Feel Cozy

As the cooler weather gets us ready to snuggle, make your home the coziest of all with a few tips to update your colors and accessories. Making a room feel cozy is typically something we all aim for in our homes. We want our friends and family to entire our space and feel an instantRead the full article

20 December 2019

5 Easy Home Improvement Projects For the Winter

If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve been cooped up inside lately. This is just the beginning of winter, with a handful of bleak, cold months to come. Don’t get frustrated. Break the monotony of winter with an interior project. You’ll increase your happiness and property value at the same time. Here are 5Read the full article

25 November 2019

Questions to Ask a Potential Commercial Painter

You are an expert in your business area, but when it comes to upkeep and refreshing the space, that’s likely outside your wheelhouse. Painters for your home can be challenging but a commercial space adds a different set of tasks to the job. Here are 9 tips on hiring a commercial painter. 1. Commercial PaintingRead the full article

15 October 2019

House Painters: Fall is the Perfect Time to Paint

Spring gets all of the glory when it comes to interior painting, but fall provides the perfect weather options. Since you’re going to be locked indoors over the cold months, why not treat yourself to a new coat of paint on the walls this season. Our house painters weigh in on why fall is theRead the full article

19 September 2019

Deck Staining Service: Seal, Stain or Paint

Before the weather begins to turn, it’s time to protect your wooden decks and porches. With this comes the consideration: do I seal, stain or paint? The outcome you’re looking for and overall look will determine the answer. Our professional crews for deck staining services are here to answer. Before we break it down, it’sRead the full article

18 June 2019

5 Exterior Paint Projects for Summer

It’s getting hot, so let’s take to the yard and spruce up the old homestead. Exterior paint jobs can be so much more than a full exterior painting. Grab your bucket and brush and take on one of these ideas. Here are 5 exterior paint projects for summer. You can gain the effect of aRead the full article

12 April 2019

Why You Should Hire a Pressure Washer

Now that winter has broken, we are all eager to get outdoors. The snow and ice may have wreaked havoc on the exterior of your home. Dirt and stains are sure to turn up once the layer of snow is gone. Bringing in a pressure washer could be the answer to making your home’s exteriorRead the full article

27 March 2019

Paint Removal Jackson County – Experts Weigh In on Your Tough Removals

What stands between an old house and new paint? Layers and layers of forgotten paint colors on the walls. But it can be removed. Here’s our tips on paint removal in Jackson County MO. So how do you get the ghosts of colors past gone and a clean palette to start your new painting project?Read the full article