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Residential Sales Associate

CertaPro Painters of Northern Jackson County is currently hiring a Residential Sales Associate to drive revenue and expand the CertaPro Brand.

What we're looking for

This is first and foremost a role for an individual with strong interpersonal skills who gets excited to meet and get to know customers from all walks of life. That means striving to truly understand the needs of our customers and creating proposals as unique and as relevant as they are. As one of CertaPro Painters of Northern Jackson County’s first hires you will be responsible for driving the top line as well as seeing each of your customer’s projects thru to completion. You must be a likeable professional and have the work-ethic of Paul Bunyan. You will be expected to work closely with CertaPro Painters of Northern Jackson County’s General Manager to generate and track leads, schedule estimates, provide accurate estimates and set appropriate expectations, follow up with all outstanding estimates, hand-off the customers to CertaPro Painters of Northern Jackson County’s professional Job Site Supervisors, and stay in touch with the customer throughout and after the project. Success will be determined by top line sales, accuracy of estimates, growth of Word of Mouth and Referral leads, and overall customer satisfaction.

What You'll Do

The RSA will learn and execute CertaPro Painters of Northern Jackson County’s refined sales systems to schedule estimates, provide the customer with a proposal, and land jobs. This is the main role of the RSA and is the main metric of success. The RSA should expect to make many phone calls to schedule estimates and follow-up with customers. The RSA should also expect to travel around the DMV often to meet with customers in their home. Landing the job is not all that matters, however. Accurately estimating the project and setting appropriate expectations will be of the utmost importance to maintain customer satisfaction.

Lead Generation
CertaPro Painters of Northern Jackson County does most of the work when it comes to generating leads but the Residential Sales Associate (RSA) is ultimately responsible for hitting her/his own goals. That means attending networking groups, reaching out to neighbors of customers, following up with past customers and proposals, attending Home Shows, and more. The RSA must track and project lead flow to ensure weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales goals are met.

Passing the job onto CertaPro Painters of Northern Jackson County’s professional painting team effectively is a critical part in creating certainty for our customer. A well written, detailed proposal combined with an on-site walk thru with our Professional Job Site Supervisors makes for a smooth customer experience. Anything less and the RSA will be expected to get involved to clear up uncertainties.

General Job Responsibilities and Required Skills
  • Bachelor’s Degree and 1+ years of experience in sales (intern experience counts) OR Minimum 4 years of experience in sales with a track record of success
  • Proof of Strong Communication Skills
  • High Energy, Positive Attitude, Likeable Personality, Gregarious Behavior
  • Track Record of Performance in a Low Structure Atmosphere
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Available 40 hours/week. Availability some evenings and weekends preferred (our customers work during the day)