31 August 2022

Popular Exterior Colors for Homes in Cumming, GA

Summer is an excellent time of year to have your home exterior painted. Here at CertaPro Painters® of Northeast Georgia, we can provide you with a seamless exterior painting service. When you upgrade your Cumming, GA home’s exterior, you can instantly boost your curb appeal. Continue reading below for a few of the popular exteriorRead the full article

07 July 2022

Apartment Painting Services in Oakwood, GA

Maintaining the interior and exterior of your apartment complex is imperative to successfully keeping each of your units leased. When you make your apartment inviting on the exterior and cozy in the interior, tenants will want to continue to rent their space. Here at CertaPro Painters® of Northeast Georgia, we have the skill and experienceRead the full article

05 May 2022

What Paint Do I Use in My Bathroom?

In today’s modern paint world, we’re no longer at the mercy of pesky problems that can occur in moist, warm environments. Mold and other fungi grow best in these environments, which often describes our bathrooms and laundry rooms. Today, we will briefly discuss what these moist environment paints do and how they can help keepRead the full article

Drop Cloths 101

If you have ever attempted a painting project yourself, you likely have an appreciation for drop cloths. For those who haven’t, a drop cloth is a large sheet of canvas, plastic, paper, or other material used to catch drips and spills. Drop cloths can be used to cover furniture, floors, cars, or other large objectsRead the full article

01 April 2022

Why Should You Use Enamel Paint For Your Trim?

Have you ever wondered why trim and doors seem shinier than the walls and ceilings? In some cases, it’s because the painter used enamel paint. Enamel paints are made from petroleum products, making them oil-based paint. Oil-based paints are very durable and commonly used on outdoor projects like concrete and cast iron. Enamel paints areRead the full article

01 March 2022

3 Reasons Your Home’s Exterior Increases Its Value

Curb appeal is probably the most important aspect in valuing a home. Appraisers use the location, condition, and features to determine a home’s value. First impressions are everything in real estate, so investing in your home’s outward appearance matters. Today, we will discuss three reasons why a good looking exterior adds value to your home.Read the full article

01 February 2022

How to Seal A Wooden Fence

Sealing a wooden fence not only looks great but protects the wood as well. Unfortunately, we tend to postpone outdoor projects we don’t interact with every day, so maintenance projects can pile up. Fencing defines our space, keeps our pets safe, and can add elegance to an otherwise simple backyard. Today we will discuss howRead the full article

21 December 2021

How to Choose The Right Exterior Paint For Your NE Georgia Home

Choosing the right paint for the exterior of a home is largely a function of where it is. Professional painters will typically consider the climate, which direction the home is facing, and how it will be applied before selecting a particular product. Today we will offer a few tips the pros use for selecting theRead the full article

30 November 2021

What Is A Paint Sprayer?

You may have driven past a home with painters everywhere and wondered what all the cords and hoses are for. Since when does painting require electricity? What you probably saw was a commercial paint sprayer. These machines use compressed air to force paint droplets through a special tip designed to produce a specific pattern. PaintRead the full article

01 September 2021

Pros and Cons of Painting Your Brick Exterior

Many of the homes in northeast Georgia are comprised of brick, which creates a common choice to paint it or leave it alone. What are the pros and cons of painting your brick exterior? Is it better to leave the original surface unpainted?   The professional team at CertaPro Northeast Georgia is very experienced inRead the full article