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Our exterior painting professionals at CertaPro Painters know just how to handle your stucco painting and repair needs. No longer will bulging stucco, cracks, and brown streaks plague your home. We will work our magic, replace any damaged exterior, and have your home looking like new in no time. From repairs to color options, we’re here to help. Because we like to keep our customer service personal, our locally-owned and operated team will work with you to determine what stucco repairs your home needs. All this at a price you can afford.

Our stucco repair and painting services include:


Our team will do a full assessment of your home to determine any underlying damage or issues that may need repairs. This allows us to provide a complete estimate to you.



Cracks, bulging and staining are all issues your stucco may have. Our CertaPro Painters® experts can evaluate the different kinds of cracks and identify their cause. We repair all cracks in the stucco surfaces, ensuring greater stability.



Primer allows paint to leave a smooth finish for paint. We seal the cured stucco with elastomeric/waterproof primer to create a uniform surface for applying a coating.



Painting stucco makes it look great while also protecting your home from rain, pollution, moisture and the sun's rays. We apply a coat of waterproof paint which will expand and contract to provide superior protection.

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Why Choose Professional Exterior Stucco Painters?

This means you have choices. What’s more, because our exterior stucco painters have years of experience, you can rest assured that your stucco repair and painting will be done right, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Read more on Why Stucco Painting is so important.

Stucco Painting Portfolio by CertaPro Painters® of North San Diego

The following are some of the stucco homes we’ve painted in and around the San Diego area. As you can see, the homes look beautiful and brand new after our professional painters were done.

Multiple Exterior Painting

Multiple Exterior Painting

We don't have a problem painting multiple exteriors. This home has stucco and siding, which the owner wanted the same color. We achieved the goal for results that went above and beyond the owner's expectations.

Stucco Painting All Elevations

Stucco Painting All Elevations

Our painters love a challenge, especially with homes that have unique elevations. This stucco home was fun when getting up onto the room of the garage to paint those two upper windows.

Stucco Home

Stucco Home

This beautiful stucco home is in an area vulnerable to sun damage, so it was vital to assess the state of the property and work to make it last

Exterior Stucco Repair

Exterior Stucco Repair

This home required a decent amount of repair but that wasn't a problem. We took one crack at a time and replaced some of the stucco around the garage frame. When we were done, it didn't look like it needed repair at all.

Stucco Painting Project

Stucco Painting Project

Although Stucco is associated with earth tones like grays and browns, here we see the versatility of CertaPro Painters.

Accenting with Stucco

Accenting with Stucco

This classic residential home is the perfect example of a stucco painting project done right.

Stucco Painting Service in San Diego

When you want a fast and free estimate on your Stucco project, call CertaPro Painters® of North San Diego. Whether you’re close to the coast in Solana Beach or in a residential area like Rancho Santa Fe, CertaPro Painters is here for you. Whether your estimate is done remotely or in-person, we’ll give you our full attention as we turn your San Diego home into a freshly painted paradise. From the open area of Black Mountain Ranch to the urban setting of Escondido, our CertaPro Painters are open to projects in all areas of North San Diego.

Don’t wait until your stucco damage gets worse! Contact CertaPro Painters® of North San Diego today. Because each stucco project is unique, we will send a CertaPro Painters® expert to make an on-site evaluation and give you a fair and accurate estimate for stucco repair cost or a stucco painting estimate. Contact CertaPro Painters® for a Stucco Painting Estimate today!