31 March 2020

Get Your Deck Ready For Spring

Now that we’re heading out of the cold doldrums of winter, you and your family are surely eager to get outside and enjoy the weather on your deck. Before you send out invitations to your first barbecue of the year, inspect your deck. Wooden structures take a beating over the winter from precipitation and temperatureRead the full article

10 February 2020

How to Choose the Right Interior Paint Finishes for Your Home

Choosing the right interior paint finish for your home is important. Many people who choose the wrong one are displeased with the results, as far as how it looks and the longevity of it. Understanding the different interior paint finishes and which ones are best for certain rooms will help you choose the right onesRead the full article

10 January 2020

What to Expect During an Estimate

Painting services offered by a painting company makes maintaining the beauty of your home easy. If you’re interested in having a professional paint your home or business, you will need to schedule an estimate to find out how much it costs to paint it. What Happens at an Estimate for Painting Services Every painting jobRead the full article

13 November 2019

Why You Need to Use a Kitchen Cabinet Painter

If you’re thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets, don’t try to do it yourself. You need a kitchen cabinet painter. Since we have a team of kitchen cabinet painters, you’re probably skeptical about us recommending them over doing it yourself – after all, we’re a business and we need to make money. We’re not justRead the full article

19 October 2019

Painting Stucco The Right Way

If you want to test whether a painter is a good one, ask him how he will paint your stucco exterior. If he says he will use a roller, tell him to have a nice day. Now, if the painter says he will spray your home, you can continue to consider him for your exteriorRead the full article

01 October 2019

CertaPro Painters Offers Paint It Pink this October

As we head into autumn, you may be looking at drab walls and dinged doorways. Before the family dinners and holiday events, get your home in tip top shape with new paint. Book your Paint It Pink project for October and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Breast Cancer Research Foundation. values both ourRead the full article

24 September 2019

What to Consider When You’ve Got Stucco

Stucco is a type of exterior many people in this area know very well. Nearly every house in San Diego and neighboring towns have stucco as their exterior. While stucco is durable, cost-effective and versatile, it’s not exactly something that you want to tackle when it comes to stucco repair and painting. Advantages and DisadvantagesRead the full article

26 August 2019

The Many Types of Exterior Painting Rollers

If you’re like most non-painters, you’ve probably entered the painting aisle at your local home improvement store and immediately felt overwhelmed. Yes, there’s definitely many different types of rollers available. Not all of them paint the same way. Each one will produce different results, and those results may not be exactly what you’re seeking. ThisRead the full article

26 July 2019

Interior Painting Ideas for Your Home

The best and most cost-effective way to improve the look of inside of your home is with interior painting. We’re not just talking about painting the walls, though. There are many places that can be painted to give everything a brand new look. Ideas for Interior Painting in Your Home You could start by lookingRead the full article

03 June 2019

The Best Painting Tools – Rollers, Sprayers, or Brushes

Choosing the right tools for your painting project can mean the difference between a beautiful outcome and a big mess. Rollers, sprayers and brushes each have a place where they excel in your project, so when should you use each? What are the best tools to use for painting projects. Rollers Rollers are best usedRead the full article